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Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 2

Advanced Speaking Test 2

Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 2

Here’s another Aptis Advanced Speaking Practice Test. This is the mock-exam version for you to practise with on your own. It will soon be followed by the version with sample C1 answers.

Remember, although Aptis Advanced is aimed at students from levels B1 to C2, our materials are aimed at high B2 and C1. C1 is the result most advanced students hope to achieve. For more details and also for tips on answering the question-types, read the post Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 1.

As you probably know by now, Aptis Advanced is very similar in format to the other tests. It also consists of five components: the Aptis Core Test (the grammar and vocabulary component), Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. The timings differ, and the content and tasks are, of course, different.

The Speaking Test takes ten minutes. There are 4 parts in total, although Part 4 only consists of one question which follows on from your presentation in Part 3.

These mock-exam videos will help you prepare for your Aptis Advanced Speaking Test.  There are also supplementary versions of each video with sample C1 answers, ideas and suggestions.

Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 2

Part One:  Describe, compare and provide reasons and explanations

In this part you’re asked to compare two pictures. Then you have to answer two questions about them. You will have 45 seconds for each response.

What do you see in the two pictures?  (One shows inner-city blocks of flats with a graffiti-covered wall, and the other shows a small coastal fishing village.)

Where would you prefer to live? Why?

Which of these two places do you think children would like to live in?


Consider all the pros and cons / advantages and disadvantages / benefits and drawbacks of the two living situations.

When answering the question from a child’s point of view, contrast ideas with your own preferences using ‘while/whereas’.


Part Two:  Discuss personal experience and opinion in relation to an abstract topic

In this part, you’re asked three questions, which remain on the screen. You have one minute to think about your answers and two minutes to talk.

Tell me about what you can remember about your first day at school or college.

What advice would you give someone thinking about going back into education?

How do you think that education will change in the future?


Try to use a variety of past and future forms, not just simple past and future.

Consider how your advice could vary depending on the person you’re advising.


Part Three:  Presentation

In this part you have to speak on a topic for 90 seconds. The topic stays on the screen, together with two lists of points – for and against – related to the topic. You have to choose two items from each list and give a balanced argument to represent both sides of the topic. You have one minute to prepare your argument, and then you have one and a half minutes to speak.

Topic: Smartphones – a blessing or a curse?


Necessary for social life and work

Lots of information at your fingertips

Useful in emergencies



A distraction

People don’t communicate in person

Over reliance on smartphones



Expressions of contrast: on the one hand … on the other hand, although/even though, nonetheless/nevertheless/however, despite/in spite of, but/yet

Using passive constructions to express views impersonally: it could be argued that …, I’ve heard it said that …, it’s been reported/claimed that …


Part Four:  Question related to your presentation

After you finish speaking on this main topic, you’ll be asked an additional question related to it.  You have to respond immediately; there’s no preparation time. You’ll have 45 seconds to speak.

Question: How do you think communication will change in the future?

What is your response to this statement?


In addition to using future forms, include modal verbs of speculation (could, might, may) and expressions of probability (maybe/perhaps, probably, it’s likely that …).

After watching Aptis Advanced Speaking Practice Test 2

We’ll soon be uploading the supplementary version of this video with sample C1 answers. So remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And to make sure you don’t miss the latest videos, click on the bell to receive notifications whenever we upload one.

Meanwhile, make sure you’ve read and watched Aptis Advanced Speaking Test 1: Sample C1 Answers.

Practise your grammar and vocabulary for the Core Test with Aptis Advanced: Grammar Practice Test 1  and Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Practice Test 1.

And it’s always a good idea to revise and test the basics with our Aptis General materials. There are three tests in each series – you’ll find the complete list of exercises and tests in the Guide to the Posts, along with grammar and vocabulary exercises and mini-tests.

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