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We know what we’re doing!

John Harrop

Aptis Tutor is:

John Harrop and Chris Gesthuysen


Both of us are English teachers and native speakers from the UK, but we’ve lived abroad for many years.  We’ve been teaching for a long time too.  In fact, between us we have over 60 years’ experience of teaching English as a foreign language! 

Chris Gesthuysen

We’ve taught all age-groups and levels and prepared students for all the main exam boards, including the Aptis tests.  In fact, many of the resources on our website are also really useful for candidates preparing for Trinity, Cambridge, IELTS, Language Skills, EOI, etc.  Over the years we’ve built up a bank of ideas and materials, and we know what students need in order to do well in an exam. 

For over 20 years we’ve worked as examiners of spoken English in many countries around the world.  So we have a very clear idea of how you can get a good grade, especially in oral exams.

We’re also both experienced teacher-trainers.  We run training courses for teachers who want to improve their language skills, but also for those who want to use elements of theatre to teach English.  These include online courses run through our theatre website,

As materials-writers, we’ve written EFL coursebooks and supplementary books for major English Language Teaching publishers such as OUP and Heinemann Macmillan.  Our most recent publication was Move On, a B2-level Bachillerato coursebook for OUP.  John has also written CLIL materials for the BBC, The Guardian, The London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds and the Sealife Centres.

In addition, we’ve produced exam and test content and online resources.  So you can be sure that all our materials have been revised, double-checked and tested!  Everything on this website is original material

We constantly check that our exam practice is up-to-date, but recommend you do the same on the British Council website.


Aptis Tutor

So after all these years in EFL, it seemed like a good idea to put all that experience and expertise together and create Aptis Tutor

We really hope you find it useful, and we want to help you pass your Aptis test with a good grade!

We’re based in Spain, so feel free to contact us in English or Spanish, and let us know what you’d like to see on the site.  We’d like to receive your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks, and good luck with your exam!

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