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Prepare for your Aptis ESOL Test

A guide to all the materials we provide to help you prepare for your Aptis General & Aptis for Teachers: mock-exam tests, grammar & vocabulary exercises & more.

Overview of Aptis ESOL Tests

Overview of the Aptis ESOL Tests

This post will give you an overview of the most popular Aptis ESOL tests. There are four variations, and we cover three on this site:

Aptis Vocabulary Health and Lifestyle

Aptis Vocabulary Practice: Health and Lifestyle

In this day and age, if you had to pick one topic that everyone’s talking about, it must surely be health and lifestyle. So these themed tests are on health and lifestyle, a common topic in many English exams.

Aptis vocabulary for clothes and fashion

Aptis Vocabulary Practice: Clothes and Fashion

Something that we all need and use every day are clothes! So these themed vocabulary tests are based on clothes and fashion. This vocabulary will be especially useful for the picture description part of the Aptis Speaking Test.

Use of language: functions and grammar

Use of Language: B1, B2 and C1

We look at the language you need to know at levels B1, B2 & C1, both in terms of functions (what you do with the language) and grammar (which structures you need to use).

Aptis & the British Council

More about Aptis & the CEFR Levels

We explain more about the Aptis Tests & the Speaking Test format and give you more details about the CEFR, especially levels B1 & B2. Plus useful links to relevant official sites.