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Guide to the posts
Check out all the free exam practice you can do in this guide to the posts.

Aptis Tutor provides high-quality free exam practice materials for Aptis General, Aptis for Teachers and Aptis Advanced Tests. 

Our years of experience as oral English examiners and English teachers mean we can offer you accurate, exam-style practice. 

5-minute Aptis practice
Only got five minutes? Try our mini-tests and memory games!

Aptis Speaking Test

There are Speaking Practice videos for each Aptis Test. Some are mock exams for you to practise with. Others have model answers at B1, B2 & C1, and include scripts, advice and ideas. All are recorded by native speakers to help improve your pronunciation.

50 Useful example phrases
Use these phrases in your Speaking Test

Aptis General

Often just called the Aptis Test, this exam is aimed at levels A1 to B2/C.  We’re concentrating on B1 and B2, because these are the levels most students need to reach.

Check out Test 9 with B2 answers

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers tests are the same in level and format, but the content is different. The test is set in an educational context.

Teachers Speaking 4 Video with B2 Answers
Look at this Teachers' Test with B2 answers

Aptis Advanced

This exam is aimed at levels B1 to C2. As most students doing it need a C1, our materials are intended for high B2 and C1.

Advanced Speaking 2 video with C1 answers
Check out the Advanced level with C1 answers

To find out more about how Aptis Tutor can help you, take this mini-test!

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Aptis Core Test

Do you know what the Aptis Core Test is?  It’s the grammar and vocabulary component.

Grammar Test 3
Test your grammar

We have Grammar and Vocabulary Practice Tests for each Aptis test. They follow official exam format and timing.

Teachers Vocabulary Test 3
Test your vocabulary

There are also extra exercises and mini-tests to practise grammar and vocabulary.

The Grammar of Phrasal Verbs
Study the grammar of phrasal verbs

These cover typical areas that come up in the Aptis tests.

The typical uses of 'get'
Study the typical uses of 'get'

Aptis Writing Test

Our Writing Practice Tests also follow official exam format. There are videos on how to improve your answers in each part.

Writing test 2 video
Test your writing skills

The tests for Aptis General and Aptis for Teachers include B2 model answers and scripts, advice and tips.

Teachers Writing Test 2
Improve with our sample B2 answers

Aptis Reading Test

Our Reading Practice Tests for Aptis General and Aptis for Teachers also closely follow official exam format in each part.

reading part 2 text cohesion
Re-order the texts just like in the official exam

All four parts of our Reading Practice Tests contain several examples of tests in order to help you prepare for exam day.

Teachers Reading Part 4
Short Text Comprehension Gap-fill

Listening materials coming soon.

The website is also available in Spanish for our many Spanish-speaking users. But we’d also like to welcome Aptis students from Vietnam, Malaysia and Uzbekistan, among other countries!

Check out our new section!

As our exam preparation material is aimed at levels B1 to C1, we’ve decided to include this new section for those students who are preparing for B1.

Get Ready for B1
Get back to basics

Going back to basics

The practice in this section will also be very useful for others to use as revision.  This is important, as all the Aptis tests are progressive in level.

At the moment, all our services are free.

In the future we’ll be adding a premium version so that we can give you personalised feedback.  Contact us to find out more.

So now’s the time to start preparing with Aptis Tutor – good luck with your exam!

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