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Aptis Advanced: Grammar Practice Test 1

Aptis Advanced Grammar test

Aptis Advanced: Grammar Test 1

As is the case with the other Aptis exams, the Aptis Advanced grammar component forms part of the Core Test.  The Core Test is the part that deals with grammar and vocabulary.  You have to do 50 questions in 25 minutes.  These questions are equally divided between vocabulary and grammar. 

Being familiar with what to expect in a test can make a big difference to how well you do on exam day.  So you need to know what format the Aptis Advanced Grammar Test takes.

The grammar component of the test contains 25 questions, which means you can take up to 30 seconds per question.  They’re always in a 3-option multiple-choice format.  There are two question types.  Most of them focus on formal written English.  However, some focus on the appropriate use of grammar when speaking, including formal and informal language.

So what’s the difference between the two?

Well, here’s an example of a typical written grammar question:

You [ ought / must / should ] to have studied more if you wanted to pass the exam.

The correct answer here is ‘ought‘.

The spoken grammar questions sound more conversational.  They often take the form of a short exchange, as in the following example:

Tim: “How about going to the cinema this evening?”

John: “I wish I [can / could / be able to], but I’ve got homework to mark”

The correct answer here is ‘could‘.

Our Aptis Advanced Grammar Practice Tests follow the same format as the official exam.  The timing is also the same – a maximum of 30 seconds per question.  So, to be clear, you have 12.5 minutes to answer the 25 questions.

The tests cover a range of structures.  This is to prepare you for the grammar component of the exam.  But you’ll also find posts with mini-tests and other types of exercises that concentrate on particular grammar points.  (They’re colour-coded blue, while the tests are colour-coded pink.)  These are to help you practise for your exam in general.

In this first test we’re focusing on written grammar.  The next test will include spoken grammar examples too.

When you finish the tests you can check through the answers and see any mistakes you’ve made.   Then revise that grammar point, and try again until you get them all right!  

You’ll find some of the structures you need to practise in our Grammar Reference section.

And you can find out more about the grammar and functions you need to use in Use of Language.

So let’s get going!


Aptis Advanced Grammar Practice Test 1.

You have a maximum of 30 seconds per question, as in the official exam. If you take too long, the quiz will automatically finish.

Aptis Advanced: Grammar Test 1

25 mixed written and spoken grammar questions

1 / 25

My grandfather .... always tell me about his time in the war.

2 / 25

The new hospital ... built by now!

3 / 25

The exam was postponed ... the pandemic.

4 / 25

If only I .... more money!  Then I could go to the Maldives.

5 / 25

She'll call you once she .... home, don't worry!

6 / 25

I can't make ... what's written, I need my glasses.

7 / 25

Chris is .... by Vally this afternoon.

8 / 25

We ... with the final decision.

9 / 25

He asked where he .... put the suitcase.

10 / 25

I don't know where to eat. I'm hopeless ... making decisions!

11 / 25

It's a bit expensive. Would you be prepared ... the price?

12 / 25

We have my mother staying with us ... the moment.

13 / 25

My boss has just told me I ... to finish the report by the end of the day.

14 / 25

Saul wasn't sure if he .... the film before.

15 / 25

They ... they'd had a great time in New Zealand.

16 / 25

Anyone wanting to row across the Atlantic would be foolish ... the challenge.

17 / 25

There is very ... evidence to support what she says.

18 / 25

My sister ... the money.

19 / 25

He described ...

20 / 25

I don't know what I'd have done if ......

21 / 25

The traffic lights turned red and I ... hard.

22 / 25

When I went into the bathroom I found the sink ....

23 / 25

I ... my eyes aren’t as good as they used to.

24 / 25

The ... broken.

25 / 25

If I hadn't given up studying German, .....

Your score is


What to do next

We recommend that you also take Aptis General Grammar Practice Test 1.  The level is lower, of course, but all practice is good!  Equally, why not try the Aptis for Teachers grammar test?  The only real difference is that the questions are set in an educational context.

You’ll find specific grammar structures to practise in the Guide to the Posts.

8 thoughts on “Aptis Advanced: Grammar Practice Test 1”

  1. Hello,I hope you are doing well.I have a question about my level in english.Can I get a B2 level in Aptis test if I am not at this level at the moment.But if I study hard can I reach it.Please answer me.
    Best rigards.

    1. Hi Fluarba

      We’re fine! Thanks a lot for getting in touch. To answer your question, yes of course you can get to B2 level, though how long this will take depends on your present level now and how much time you are able to dedicate to studying English. We always say the same thing to our students (and we know this as we’re language learners ourselves) the best thing to do is to study little and often, that’s to say…it’s better to study for a few minutes each day, rather than doing 2 hrs at the weekend! You can watch TV series with English subtitles, listen to music in English, these will help with your listening too. There are lots of examples of the Aptis Exam on our YouTube channel too which we’re sure you’ll find useful we aim to upload new material every week. Good luck with your studies. All the best John and Chris.

  2. Hi John and Chris,
    This feature you´ve added for training grammar is really great. Thanks a lot.
    I especially like the tip that appears below the failed questions. It helps to understand the mistake and improve the knowledge.
    Please continue this great work.
    Regards. Fernando.

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