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Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Practice Test 1

Aptis for Teachers Grammar Test 1

Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Test 1

As is the case with many exams, being familiar with what to expect in a test can make a big difference to how well you do on exam day.  So here’s the Aptis for Teachers Grammar Test explained.  Do you know what format the grammar part of the Aptis for Teachers Test takes?  The Core Test is the part that deals with grammar and vocabulary.  

In the Aptis Core Test you have to do 50 questions in 25 minutes.  These questions are equally divided between vocabulary and grammar. 

The grammar component of the test contains 25 questions, which means you can take up to 30 seconds per question.  They’re always in a 3-option multiple-choice format.  There are two question types.  Most of them focus on formal written English.  However, some focus on the appropriate use of grammar when speaking, including formal and informal language.

So what’s the difference between the two?

Well, here’s an example of a typical written grammar question:

You [ ought / must / should ] to study more if you want to pass the exam.

The correct answer here is ‘ought‘.

The spoken grammar questions sound more conversational.  They often take the form of a short exchange, as in the following example:

Tim: “How about going to the cinema this evening?”

John: “I wish I [can / could / be able to], but I’ve got homework to mark”

The correct answer here is ‘could‘.

Our Aptis for Teachers Grammar Practice Tests follow the same format as the official exam.  The timimg is also the same – a maximum of 30 seconds per question.  So, to be clear, you have 12.5 minutes to answer the 25 questions.

Remember, the content of the Aptis Test for Teachers relates specifically to teachers.  The questions deal with themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day.  This applies to the whole test, including the grammar part.  The idea is that you can focus more on the language if you’re familiar with the context.  However, we recommend you also do the Aptis General grammar practice tests, as grammar is grammar!

The Grammar Practice Tests cover a range of structures.  This is to prepare you for the grammar component of the exam.  But you’ll also find posts with mini-tests and other types of exercises that concentrate on particular grammar points.  (They’re colour-coded blue, while the tests are colour-coded pink.)  These are to help you practise for your exam in general.

When you finish the tests you can check through the answers and see any mistakes you’ve made.   Then revise that grammar point, and try again until you get them all right!  

You’ll find some of the structures you need to practise in our Grammar Reference: B1 & B2 section.

And you can find out more about the grammar and functions you need to use at B1 and B2 in Use of Language.

We also recommend Murphy’s English Grammar in Use series.

So let’s get going!

Aptis for Teachers Grammar Practice Test 1.

You have a maximum of 30 seconds per question, as in the official exam. If you take too long, the quiz will automatically finish.

Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Test 1

25 mixed written and spoken grammar questions

1 / 25

Sorry, Jane can’t come to the phone.  She ……… at the moment.

2 / 25

I don't think it's right .......... children have to do so much homework.

3 / 25

Excuse me, I'm looking for the principal's office.  .......... you help me?

4 / 25

.......... you work hard, you won't pass the exam.

5 / 25

The students ........... get here on time, or the head is going to be really annoyed.

6 / 25

Teaching primary students is extremely tiring, ............?

7 / 25

I tidied the classroom, .......... I did some marking.

8 / 25

A: I really hate marking!

B: So ........... I

9 / 25

I wish it .......... already the end of the academic year!

10 / 25

To get to the gym, go to the end of the corridor and turn .......... left.

11 / 25

There are .......... students in my class than last year.

12 / 25

The history lesson will have finished .......... half-past three.

13 / 25

You .......... to hand in your essay by Friday.

14 / 25

They used to .......... in a private school.

15 / 25

I .......... use to speak French much, but now that I have a private teacher, I speak it every day.

16 / 25

The class starts .......... half an hour.

17 / 25

The students .......... me that the computer wasn't working.

18 / 25

Juan: I really don't feel like doing my homework tonight.

Ana: OK, ............ we could do it tomorrow morning instead.

19 / 25

A: Is the Spanish teacher from Spain?

B: No, he's .......... from Colombia.

20 / 25

She's been working in the same school ......... she left university.

21 / 25

I ……… into the staff room when I saw Billy.

22 / 25

I always say to my students: 'Don't worry about the exam, just ..........your best!'

23 / 25

Mrs Jones is the principal now, but she .......... teach maths.

24 / 25

Over the next couple of months, we ............. Shakespeare.

25 / 25

..............  John had studied all year, he still failed his exam.

Your score is


As explained above, we recommend that you also take the Aptis General Grammar Practice Test 1.

You’ll find specific grammar structures in the Guide to the Posts.

And test your vocabulary with Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 1.

8 thoughts on “Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Practice Test 1”

  1. I got my students to try the grammar test for teachers and they found it very useful for pinpointing weaknesses in their grammar, which they could then revise using your grammar exercises for those specific areas. It also gave them the opportunity to get used to answering questions quickly without panicking!

    1. We’re so pleased that you could use the post as a diagnostic test for your students It’s really good practice for them to try to answer the questions within the time limit, the more that they do then the easier it’ll be for them when they take any tests for real. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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