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Aptis FAQs

Aptis ESOL FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Aptis FAQ: A look at questions our students often ask about English exams. We’ve answered them to the best of our ability, with info that’s up-to-date at time of writing.

Describing a photo

Aptis Speaking: Describing a Photo

Describing a photo is a typical task in many oral exams, including the Aptis General and Aptis for Teachers tests. Here’s how to do this B1-level task well.

Comparing Two Photos

Aptis Speaking: Comparing Two Photos

Comparing two photos is a typical B2-level task in many oral exams, including the Aptis General, Aptis for Teachers and Aptis Advanced tests. Here’s how to do this task well.

Aptis Speaking Test 4

Aptis for Teachers: Speaking Practice Test 4

Here’s another mock-exam Aptis for Teachers Speaking Test. Practise your answers now, and always try to speak for the full time available. B2 sample answers coming soon!

How to pronounce 's' endings

Pronunciation of ‘s’ Endings

Another area that causes many problems for students is how to pronounce ‘s’ endings on 3rd person present tense verbs, plural nouns & possessives. Is it /s/, /z/ or /ɪz/?

Writing Overview

Aptis Writing Test: Overview & Tips

An overview of the writing component of the test, sample test questions and tips. There are four parts to the Aptis writing test, and all four are based around the same theme.