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Prepare for your Aptis ESOL Test

A guide to all the materials we provide to help you prepare for your Aptis General & Aptis for Teachers: mock-exam tests, grammar & vocabulary exercises & more.

Writing Overview

Aptis Writing Test: Overview & Tips

An overview of the writing component of the test, sample test questions and tips. There are four parts to the Aptis writing test, and all four are based around the same theme.

writing test 3

Aptis Writing: Practice Test 3

Do more Aptis writing practice with our new test. First try the test yourself, then watch the video, study the model answers and try again. You’ll notice the difference!

Writing Test 1

Aptis Writing: Practice Test 1

Aptis Writing Practice Test 1 is written at a good B2 level. This is to provide you with model answers that can help you improve your style. There’s also a video to give you more ideas.

Teachers Writing Test 2

Aptis for Teachers: Writing Test 2

Our second writing test with model answers for Aptis for Teachers is based on an exchange visit. Watch the video to find out how to raise your responses to B2 level.

Aptis Teachers Writing Test 1

Aptis for Teachers: Writing Test 1

This Aptis for Teachers writing test is centred round a teachers’ conference. We look at the test format and give you tips in the video too.

Advanced writing test 2 with C1 answers

Aptis Advanced: Writing Test 2

In this new Advanced Writing with C1 answers video John talks you through each part of the test, gives advice and highlights useful language.

Advanced Writing Test 1

Aptis Advanced: Writing Test 1

John talks you through each part of the Aptis Advanced Writing Test, highlights useful language in the C1 sample answers and gives you advice.