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Aptis Writing Test: Overview & Tips

Writing Overview

Aptis Writing test

Here’s an overview of the writing component of the test, sample test questions and tips.  In this post we’re looking mostly at the writing test for Aptis General and Aptis for Teachers.  But we’ll also give you a brief outline of the Aptis Advanced Writing Test.


Aptis General & Aptis for Teachers

There are four parts to the Aptis writing test, and you have 50 minutes to do this component. All four parts of the test are based around the same theme. This usually relates to joining a club, doing a course or becoming part of an activity group. We’re going to use the theme of joining a film club for our Sample Test questions.

Remember that the Aptis General Test is for A1-level students and above, so the first part of each of the tests is intended to be easy. All the skills tests (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading) increase in difficulty as they go on.

The Aptis for Teachers Writing Test is the same in format but different in content.  As with the rest of the Aptis for Teachers test, this part of the test relates to themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day. So the test could centre round a teachers’ conference, a training course, a school exchange trip, etc.

You’ll find more help and advice in Top Tips to Help You Pass the Aptis Writing Test.


Part 1: Writing at word-level

In the first part there are five questions. The task consists of replying to short messages from another member of the club or group you want to join. You only have to write one to five words for each response.

You want to join ‘Film club’, and you have 5 messages from a member of the club. Write short replies (1-5 words) to each message.

  1. Where do you live?
  2. What’s the weather like there?
  3. When do you usually watch TV?
  4. What do you usually do at weekends?
  5. What’s your favourite film?


Timing: Don’t spend more than three minutes on Part 1.

Tip: The most important aspect here is communication – it doesn’t matter if you make spelling or grammar mistakes.


Part 2: Writing a short text

In the second part the task consists of writing some personal information on a form. They ask you one or two questions. You must write in complete sentences, and you have to write 20–30 words.

You are now a member of ‘Film Club’. Please tell us why you are interested in films. Use 20–30 words.

Timing: Don’t spend more than seven minutes on Part 2.

Tip: The most important aspects here are staying on-topic and using accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation. In other words, make sure you answer the question, and try not to make mistakes! Don’t go over the 30-word limit.


Part 3: Three written responses

In the third part of the test you have to respond to three written questions from other members of the group. The style is informal; the context is writing on a social network-type website. You have to write 30-40 words per answer.

You are in the ‘Film Club’ chat room. Answer the questions from other members.

Sandra: Hi, and welcome to the club! Can you remember the first time you went to the cinema? What was it like?

Samir: What’s the most interesting film that you’ve seen?

Benni: What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen?

Timing: Don’t spend more than ten minutes on Part 3.

Tip: The most important aspects here are staying on-topic and using accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation. Using a variety of sentence structure and linking your sentences well is also important. Don’t go over the 40-word per answer limit.


Part 4: Informal and formal emails

The final and most difficult part of the Aptis writing test consists of writing two emails in different registers. What does that mean? It means writing in both informal and formal styles.

First of all, you have to write a short informal email to a friend. You must write 40–50 words.

Then you have to write a formal email of 120­–150 words to a person in authority. Both emails are on the same theme, but you must use different levels of formality.

As a member of ‘Film Club’, you receive this e-mail:

Dear Member

We are writing to inform you that the film-maker Malcolm G unfortunately won’t be able to attend the screening of his latest film tomorrow. Luckily you will have the opportunity to buy a signed DVD copy of the film at a specially reduced ‘Film Club’ price of £40. We only have a limited number of copies, so please write to the club secretary if you’d like to reserve one.


Mo Jones

  1. Write an email to your friend. Write about your feelings and what you think ‘Film Club’ should do about the situation.  Write 40–50 words. You have 10 minutes. 
  1. Write an email to the president of the club. Write about your feelings and what you think ‘Film Club’ should do about the situation.  Write 120-150 words. You have 20 minutes.

Timing: Try to do this part in 30 minutes. That way you’ll have some time free at the end to check your work.

Tip: The most important aspect here is showing you can write accurately in different registers. Try to use a wide variety of appropriate vocabulary, structures and linking words. Use paragraphs. Stay on-topic. Don’t go over the limits of 50 words in the informal email and 150 words in the formal email.


A summary of general points to remember:

  • Except in Part 1, keep an eye on your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Use connectors (link words) to make your writing coherent.
  • Stay on-topic – don’t just write generally about the subject. Make sure you address the questions, or you will lose marks on task fulfilment’.
  • The word count is important – you will lose marks on ‘task completion’ if you write too many or too few words. NOTE: You don’t have to count the words yourself, as there’s a word-counter on the screen to show you how much you’ve written.


Why don’t you try to do the writing test now?  If you do the sample test now, you’ll be able to compare your answers with ours: Aptis Writing Test 1 Model Answers

Then go to Writing Test 2.

And check out the Reading Overview and Top Tips posts.

Aptis Advanced

Unlike in the other Aptis exams, there are only three parts to the Advanced Writing Test. The total time allowed is 45 minutes. Here’s a brief outline of what each part entails.

Part One

The task consists of interacting in a social media-type written conversation in a chat room. You have received three messages and have to respond briefly to each.

Part Two

For this task you read an email and have to write one in response.

Part Three

The third task consists of writing a short article for an online publication.

You’ll find much more detail, information and examples in Aptis Advanced Writing Test 1 with Sample C1 Answers.

25 thoughts on “Aptis Writing Test: Overview & Tips”

  1. This website is amazing! This is a lot! KUDOS to the team. 🙂

    I hope one of the tutors check it.

    Here are my answers…
    Part 1
    1, I live in Manila, Philippines
    2. It’s wet and raining.
    3. When the news is on.
    4. I go to the market.
    5. The Queens Gambit.

    Part 2
    It started when I was in high school where I portray some scenes in the famous movie ‘Titanic’ since then I became fascinated with films and my interest grew wider.

    Part 3
    I remember it was in college. When I saw the screen I was amazed and I remember I was excited when the movie started. I had so much fun.

    It’s The Life of Pis’ animation was so realistic and the story was inspiring. You should watch it too.

    I can’t remember anything but what I always do, if I sense it’s not a good one, I’d rather not waste my time watching it.

    Part 4

    Hi Joanne,

    Have you heard the news? I’m not surprised why he can’t make it, his schedule is very hectic. I hope the film club gives us at least a 10% discount. L40 is still out of my budget, L25-L30 would be okay. How about you?


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m writing this letter in response to the email I received. I’m very disappointed to learn that Mr. Malcolm’s presence will not be part of the program. Nevertheless, I’m hoping for his great success in the upcoming film.

    One thing that catches my attention, its the L40 for a signed DVD copy is too much. I’m requesting if we can get it at a lower price since most of the member is still a student who has a tight budget.

    Aside from that, we can also conduct a fundraising event inside the campus to cover the 50% expense for every student who’ll purchase. I think this will be a success both for the Film Club and its dear members.

    Hoping for your consideration.

    Your’s truly,


      1. Good evening I am going to write an essay and letter formally I want to get evaluation as conducting by you I am in adore your response soon

        1. Hi Nigora, We wish we could tell you – the British Council make very few real examples available.You can download their guides on their website. Good luck, and please let us know if you find any others! 😜🤞🏻

  2. I’ve been preparing for the aptis test and I have a doubt related to part 1. In this part you have to use 1-5 words to answer the questions but I’ve answered some questions where using sentences with 6-7 words seems way better, for example: To the question “What is your favourite animal?” You can just answer “the dog” but I feel like “My favourite animal is the dog” sounds better. So my question is, it’s better to just answer with 1-5 words (may be because there are some max word penalty) or is there a kind of excepcion where answers with more than 5 words are correct?

    1. Hi Juanmi, I know exactly what you mean, but you really do have to stick to the word limit – the British Council are quite strict on that. In many exams you can’t achieve full marks if you don’t follow the task instructions, and we believe this is the case here too. Remember that contractions count as two words: I’m = I am = 2 words. So you need to look for natural but short utterances of UP TO AND INCLUDING FIVE words – for example ‘Dogs are my favourite animals / My favourite animals are dogs / I’m really into dogs / I’ve always loved dogs’. Remember that when we’re speaking generally we always use plurals (for countable nouns) and no article. Good luck with your exam, and feel free to ask any other questions 😀👍🏻

  3. Good evening I am going to write an essay and letter formally I want to get evaluation as conducting by you I am in adore your response soon

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