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Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Practice Test 1

Advanced Vocabulary Test 1

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Practice Test 1 (C1 Level)

The Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test is a C1-level test in the same format as the other Aptis exams. It forms part of the Aptis Core Test, which is the grammar and vocabulary component of the exam. In the Aptis Core Test you have to do 50 questions in 25 minutes.  The questions are divided equally between grammar and vocabulary.  

So that means the vocabulary test consists of 25 questions, and you can take up to 30 seconds per question.  There are four question-types that test four aspects of vocabulary: word pairs, definitions, usage & combinations.

To help you focus on the differences between them, we’ve decided to do our practice in the form of four mini-tests. 

Apart from that, our Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Tests are in a format very similar to the official exam. They tend to use drop-down menus, but we’ve chosen a slightly different format here to make the exercises more directly accessible. We’ve also limited the number of distractors (options that you won’t use) in order to keep the tests user-friendly for those of you doing them on mobiles.

These tests will help you expand your vocabulary; as always, look up any words you don’t know, try to learn them, then come back to try the tests again another day.

Preparation tips

The best way to prepare for the vocabulary component of the test is to read as much as you can, and to read as many different types of texts as you can too (websites & blogs, magazine & newspaper articles, stories & reviews etc).  The more you read, the more natural the combinations will sound to you.

Practical tips

Make sure you read all of the options carefully before choosing your answer, and don’t spend too long on any of the questions.  If you don’t know or can’t remember the answer, you can come back and try it again later, both here and in the official exam.

And always answer the question.  After all, you have a good chance of getting it right, even if it’s just a guess!

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test 1

We’ll begin each section with a clear description and an example of each exercise type.  And then it’s over to you!  

Part 1:  Word Pairs

In this part of the test they give you a target word in the following format: ‘big = ‘.  Then you have to select (from a drop-down list) the option that has the most similar meaning to that word; in this case, ‘large’.

Aptis Advanced

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test 1:1

Word Pairs

1 / 6

money =

2 / 6

problematic =

3 / 6

expensive =

4 / 6

ambition =

5 / 6

type =

6 / 6

storyline =

Your score is


Part 2:  Word Definitions

In this part of the test they give you a definition and you have to select a word (from the drop-down list) to match to the definition.  For example, ‘to cover with paper or material is to’ … ‘wrap’. 

Aptis Advanced

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test 1:2

Word Definition

1 / 6

something occurring without aim or reason is

2 / 6

to be distant and detached is to be

3 / 6

to pull back or move away is to

4 / 6

a place where rubbish is put is a/an

5 / 6

a concealed problem or drawback is a/an

6 / 6

to enlarge in size or weight is to

Your score is


Part 3:  Word Usage

In this part of the test you have to select a word (again from a drop-down list) to complete each sentence correctly.  For example, ‘The holiday company offers [ tourism / monument / sightseeing ] tours every day’.  The correct answer here is ‘sightseeing‘.

Aptis Advanced

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test 1:3

Word Usage

1 / 6

He was under pressure, but he refused to …. in.

2 / 6

He's so secretive – he didn't …. on that he'd got married!

3 / 6

The …. of the glass was covered in lipstick!

4 / 6

Most series …. on too long for me – I lose interest in the end!

5 / 6

There's no …. that he's right; he's an expert.

6 / 6

We should …. cyclists from main roads; it's too dangerous.

Your score is


Part 4:  Word Combinations

Finally, in this part of the test you have to combine words that are often used together; this is called collocation.  For example, we say ‘do your homework’ (not ‘make your homework’), ‘really amazing’ (not ‘very amazing’), ‘strong beer’ ( not ‘heavy beer’).

Aptis Advanced

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test 1:4

Word Combinations

1 / 7

tap +

2 / 7

high +

3 / 7

online +

4 / 7

no +

5 / 7

rough +

6 / 7

inside +

7 / 7

reality +

Your score is


Next steps

Check out what vocabulary you need to focus on in Aptis Vocabulary and Topics, and read our tips in How to Learn New Vocabulary.

We also recommend you do the Aptis General and Aptis for Teachers tests, as the CEFR levels are progressive. You can look at language requirements in Use of Language: B1, B2 and C1.

You’ll find those tests, plus extra vocabulary mini-tests in the Guide to the Posts.

2 thoughts on “Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Practice Test 1”

  1. Great feature. I do not have a clear idea how to improve in Word combinations. There are several combinations that ring a bell when I am reading the possibilities. Any advice?.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. I wish we had a magic formula, but the only way is to read, listen and watch as much as you can in English, so that the collocations start to sound more normal to you. Our advice is to go with your gut instinct (another good combo!), as at this level you often know more than you think! Good luck! 👍🏻🤞🏻

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