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Aptis Speaking Practice Test 5

Aptis General Speaking Test 5

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 5

This mock-exam speaking test is the fifth video in the series.  These exam-style videos are for you to try on your own.  Later you’ll be able to look at the supplementary version to get more ideas on how to improve your answers.

Here are the time-limits again:

  • 30 seconds per answer in Part 1 (3 questions)
  • 45 seconds per answer in Part 2 (3 questions)
  • 45 seconds per answer in Part 3 (3 questions)
  • Two minutes in Part 4 (3 questions) 


Before you watch

Here are the questions we’re going to ask you in each part.  Read them and make some notes on what you want to say.  Then start thinking about raising the level of your responses by using a variety of structures and vocabulary.

Speaking Part One

Please tell me about your first school.

What did you do last weekend?

Please tell me about your favourite writer.

Speaking Part Two

Describe this picture. (It shows three people travelling by metro/underground train.)

What types of pubic transport are popular in your country?

How has public transport changed in the past 50 years?

Speaking Part Three

Tell me what you see in these two pictures. (The first photo shows a youth orchestra, and the second shows a punk rock band.)

What type of people go to these events?

Which event would you prefer to go to and why?

Speaking Part Four

Tell me about a time when you had to use new technology.

How did you feel about it?

In what ways do you think technology has improved our lives?

While you watch

If you have any problems answering a question, pause the video.  Make a note of the language you need in order to answer more fully.  Then you can do some dictionary research if it’s vocabulary, or go to the Grammar Reference if it’s a structure.  (If we haven’t yet covered the point you need, we always recommend English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy.)

As you watch the practice videos, you’ll see that there are typical questions and themes that come up again and again.  We’ll publish a post on these areas soon.


After you’ve watched this mock-exam speaking test

Now go to the supplementary version of this video: Aptis Speaking Practice Test 5: Sample Answers at B2.

Meanwhile, make sure you do the other Aptis Speaking Practice Tests.  The complete list is in our Guide to the posts, together with all the extra vocabulary and grammar exercises.  For example, practise your use of Make and Do, or check your Uses of the Present Perfect.

And remember to do the Vocabulary and Grammar practice tests too.  These will help you prepare for the Aptis Core Test.

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