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Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 1

Aptis General Vocabulary Test 1

Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 1

As with many exams, if you’re familiar with the format and know what to expect, it can make a big difference to how well you do on exam day.  So first of all, here’s the Aptis Vocabulary Test explained.  Do you know what format the official Aptis Core Test takes?  The core test is the part that deals with grammar and vocabulary. 

In the Aptis Core Test you have to do 50 questions in 25 minutes.  The questions are divided equally between grammar and vocabulary.  The vocabulary component of the test contains 25 questions, which means you can take up to 30 seconds per question.  There are four question-types, and to help you understand the difference between them, Test 1 consists of four mini-tests.  We’ll explain each of them in more detail before each one:

  • Word pairs
  • Word definitions
  • Word usage
  • Word combinations


Our exam-style Practice Tests cover all four parts in a way very similar to the official test (they tend to use drop-down menus, but we’ve chosen a slightly different format here to make the exercises more directly accessible). 

These tests will help you enlarge your vocabulary; as always, look up any words you don’t know, try to learn them, then come back to try the tests again another day.

Our students often say it’s difficult to study for this part of the test, as you never know what type of vocabulary they’re going to test you on.  So let’s have a closer look at how you can feel ready for the test on the day. 


What’s the best way to prepare?

Well, the best way to prepare for the vocabulary component of the test is to read as much as you can, and to read as many different types of texts as you can too (websites & blogs, magazine & newspaper articles, stories & reviews etc).  Reading a lot will help make all the combinations sound more natural to you.


What’s the best way to practise?

You’ll find extra vocabulary practice materials here on our site.  For example, you could start with Vocabulary: Make or Do?.  Or try Vocabulary: Adjective Endings ‘ed’ and ‘ing’.


What’s the most important advice to follow while you’re doing the tests?

Firstly, read all of the options carefully before choosing your answer, and don’t spend too long on any of the questions.  If you don’t know or can’t remember the answer, you can come back and try it again later, both here and in the official exam.

And always answer the question.  After all, you have a good chance of getting it right, even if it’s just a guess!


Vocabulary Practice Test 1

We’ll begin each section with a clear description and an example of each exercise type.  And then it’s over to you!  These mini-tests should give you a good idea of what to expect.  We’ll be posting another set soon.

Part 1:  Word Pairs

In this part of the test they give you a target word in the following format: ‘big = ‘.  Then you have to select (from a drop-down list) the option that has the most similar meaning to that word; in this case, ‘large’.

Aptis Vocabulary Test 1:1

Word Pairs

1 / 6

eat =

2 / 6

beautiful =

3 / 6

huge =

4 / 6

estimate =

5 / 6

picture =

6 / 6

hug =

Your score is


Part 2:  Word Definitions

In this part of the test they give you a definition and you have to select a word (from the drop-down list) to match to the definition.  For example, ‘to cover with paper or material is to’ … ‘wrap’. 

Aptis Vocabulary Test 1:2

Word definition

1 / 6

To think again is to

2 / 6

To argue is to

3 / 6

A mark indicating the quality of students' work is a/an

4 / 6

Something you buy at a good price is a/an

5 / 6

Something you eat between meals is called a/an

6 / 6

To take after is to

Your score is


Part 3:  Word Usage

In this part of the test you have to select a word (again from a drop-down list) to complete each sentence correctly.  For example, ‘The holiday company offers [ tourism / monument / sightseeing ] tours every day’.  The correct answer here is ‘sightseeing‘.

Aptis Vocabulary Test 1:3

Word Usage

1 / 5

I .... I had more free time

2 / 5

Watching daytime TV is usually a  ........ of time

3 / 5

I .... I can come and visit you soon.

4 / 5

He’s a very cautious person; he never takes unnecessary ....

5 / 5

Many men suffer from hair ...

Your score is

The average score is 68%


Part 4:  Word Combinations

Finally, in this part of the test you have to combine words that are often used together; this is called collocation.  For example, we say ‘do your homework’ (not ‘make your homework’), ‘really amazing’ (not ‘very amazing’), ‘strong beer’ ( not ‘heavy beer’).

Aptis Vocabulary Test 1:4

Word Combinations

1 / 6

wedding +

2 / 6

distinctly +

3 / 6

glass +

4 / 6

renewable +

5 / 6

job +

6 / 6

transatlantic +

Your score is


Now test your vocabulary with Aptis Vocabulary Test 2.

And if you want to test yourself more, we recommend the excellent ‘English in Use’ series.

29 thoughts on “Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 1”

    1. Hi Vipin

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, we really appreciate that! We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the activities! Remember to occasionally check back in as we upload new material weekly. Good luck with your studies.

  1. It is very useful to know the rules how to take the test. It was as easy as riding a bicycle. I passed all the vocabulary tasks 100 %. I am sure that the following tasks will be the same. It’s a challenge, and I hope that I won’t let myself down.

    1. Hi Dildora, so sorry to hear you didn’t get the result you wanted. You’re right that more reading in general is key. Read our top tips and overview, where we make some reading suggestions, and do both the Aptis General and Aptis for Teachers tests. We’re working on more too. Good luck next time 😘 🤞🏼 😘

    1. Still having problems with the site, and the tests aren’t working correctly on a mobile or tablet. They ARE working on a desktop computer, if you have access to one.Meanwhile, here are the answers to Test 1.
      Vocab test 1

      Part 1
      1. dine
      2. gorgeous
      3. enormous
      4. guess
      5. imagine
      6. embrace

      Part 2
      1. reconsider
      2. row
      3. grade
      4. bargain
      5. snack
      6. resemble

      Part 3
      1. wish
      2. waste
      3. hope
      4. risks
      5. loss

      Part 4
      1. anniversary
      2. remember
      3. ceiling
      4. energy
      5. application
      6. crossing

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