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Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 2

Vocab Test 2

Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 2

It’s time to test your vocabulary again. There are 25 questions divided into four mini-tests, one for each type of question you’re asked in this component.

Firstly, let’s review the format of the Aptis Core Test.  In the Aptis Core Test you have to do 50 questions in 25 minutes.  The questions are divided equally between grammar and vocabulary. 

The vocabulary component of the test contains 25 questions, which means you can take up to 30 seconds per question.  Let’s look at the four question-types again:

Word pairs

Word definitions

Word usage

Word combinations

As we explained in the post Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 1, our exam-style Practice Tests cover all four parts in a way very similar to the official test.  In the official test they use a drop-down menu.  However, we’ve chosen a slightly different format to make the exercises more directly accessible. 

We’ve also decided to cover each question-type in a separate mini-test to help you focus on what you need to do. We explain each aspect in more detail before each mini-test. 


What’s the best way to practise?

First go to the post Aptis Vocabulary Practice Test 1, read it carefully and do the four mini-tests there.  You’ll also find lots of advice on how to prepare for this component of the test.  And do the extra vocabulary exercises too, such as Make or Do? or Adjective Endings ‘ed’ and ‘ing’.


What to remember while you’re doing the tests

We can’t repeat this often enough!

  • Read all of the options carefully before choosing your answer
  • Don’t spend too long on any of the questions.  Remember, you can always come back and try it again later, both here and in the official exam.
  • Always answer the question – never leave it blank. 


Vocabulary Practice Test 2

As before, we’ll begin each section with a clear description and an example of each exercise type.  Then it’s over to you to test your vocabulary!

Part 1:  Word Pairs

In this part of the test they give you a target word in the following format: ‘big = ‘.  Then you have to select (from a drop-down list) the option that has the most similar meaning to that word; in this case, ‘large’.

Aptis Vocabulary Test 2:1

Word Pairs

1 / 6

picture =

2 / 6

beautiful =

3 / 6

eat =

4 / 6

huge =

5 / 6

hug =

6 / 6

estimate =

Your score is


Part 2:  Word Definitions

In this part of the test they give you a definition and you have to select a word (from the drop-down list) to match to the definition.  For example, ‘to cover with paper or material is to’ … ‘wrap’. 

Aptis Vocabulary Test 2:2

Word definition

1 / 6

To think again is to

2 / 6

To argue is to

3 / 6

A mark indicating the quality of students' work is a/an

4 / 6

Something you buy at a good price is a/an

5 / 6

Something you eat between meals is called a/an

6 / 6

To take after is to

Your score is


Part 3:  Word Usage

In this part of the test you have to select a word (again from a drop-down list) to complete each sentence correctly.  For example, ‘The holiday company offers [ tourism / monument / sightseeing ] tours every day’.  The correct answer here is ‘sightseeing‘.

Aptis Vocabulary Test 2:3

Word Usage

1 / 6

I .... I had more free time

2 / 6

Watching daytime TV is usually a  ........ of time

3 / 6

I .... I can come and visit you soon.

4 / 6

He’s a very cautious person; he never takes unnecessary ....

5 / 6

Many men suffer from hair ...

6 / 6

Extreme sports such as freediving can be really ....

Your score is

The average score is 70%


Part 4:  Word Combinations

Finally, in this part of the test you have to combine words that are often used together; this is called collocation.  For example, we say ‘do your homework’ (not ‘make your homework’), ‘really amazing’ (not ‘very amazing’), ‘strong beer’ ( not ‘heavy beer’).

Aptis Vocabulary Test 2:4

Word Combinations

1 / 7

wedding +

2 / 7

distinctly +

3 / 7

glass +

4 / 7

renewable +

5 / 7

job +

6 / 7

transatlantic +

7 / 7

private +

Your score is


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  1. I find it very helpful to improve my vocabulary.I want to continue learning with you and getting C level. It’s really great without any doubt!👍👍👍👍👍

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