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Aptis Speaking Practice Test 1

Aptis General Speaking Test 1 mock-exam video

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 1

Here is our first Aptis mock-exam video to give you practice in answering the test questions within the time-limits.  To help you, we’ve included exam tips, useful language and ideas further on in this post. 

In any oral language exam or test you need to show the examiner how much language you know and how many different structures and vocabulary you can use. 

You don’t have much time to do that, so to get a good grade you’ll need lots of timed practice.  This series of videos with exam-style pictures and exam timings will help you prepare for your Aptis Speaking Test.

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Tips, useful language & ideas

Practise your answers several times with these Aptis mock-exam videos to try to improve your fluency.

The more practice tests you do, the more you’ll see that many questions are similar and you’ll start to understand them better. 

In the real exam you can stop the recording when you finish your answer, but you should always try to give full answers and speak as much as you can in the time they give you.

Don’t worry too much about making mistakes, because there isn’t much time; just keep going!

Aptis Mock-Exam Speaking Test Practice 1


TIP: Always give full answers to the questions, and try to use as many different structures and expressions as possible.  30 seconds is longer than you think!

  • Please tell me about your hobbies.

USEFUL LANGUAGE: like or love + ing / take up + ing / belong to a club or team / have enough time for + ing

  • Please tell me about your last holiday.

IDEAS & VOCABULARY: Talk about the place, the people, the food, the weather, etc.  Use colourful adjectives like fantastic / amazing / brilliant

  • Please tell me about your favourite actor.

IDEAS & EXPRESSIONS: Say why you like them, what type of films they’ve made, etc.  Use expressions like play a role / star in / win an Oscar / versatile / convincing


TIP: Make sure you answer the questions they ask – don’t just talk generally about the topic.

  • Describe this picture.

USEFUL LANGUAGE: This photo shows … / in the background / in the foreground / look like + noun / look + adjective / look as if + clause / might be / could be / must be … / used to + infinitive / would + infinitive / be allowed to + infinitive / far more / much less …

  • What is a typical schoolday for most students in your country?

VOCABULARY: age-group / assembly / classes / break / stay on / after-school activities …

  • How have schools changed since you were a child?

USEFUL LANGUAGE: past simple / used to + infinitive / would + infinitive


TIP: The examiners are looking for the language of making comparisons, giving reasons and expressing preferences here.

  • Tell me what you see in these two pictures.

USEFUL LANGUAGE: The first photo shows …, whereas/while in the second photo … / in the background/foreground / look like + noun / look + adjective / look as if + clause / might be / could be / must be

  • Why do people choose to shop in each of these places?

IDEAS: Talk about variety / quality / prices / parking / weather …

  • Which place would you prefer to shop?  Why?

USEFUL EXPRESSIONS: There are several possible reasons … / shopping malls or centres / street markets / in my opinion / I think / on one hand … on the other hand / prefer to + infinitive / if … (1st conditional) / it depends on …


TIP: Definitely use the minute they give you to make quick notes.  Divide the paper into the three question headings to make sure you answer each part.

  • Tell me about a time when you had to wear something different or special.

IDEAS: Talk about a special occasion (wedding, graduation, party …), types of clothes (formal, informal, fancy dress …) and accessories

  • How did you feel about it?

USEFUL EXPRESSIONS: I was once/ Once I went to … / I had to wear … / I felt … / the best/worst part was … / I’m (not) used to + ing 

  • Do you think fashion has too much importance in our lives?

USEFUL LANGUAGE: In my opinion / if you ask me / personally, I believe / to my mind, … / fashionable / fashion addict / designer labels …

Now watch Practice Test 1 with sample answers (depending on your level):

Speaking Practice Test 1 with sample B1 answers

Speaking Practice Test 1 with sample B2 answers

This will give you some more ideas.

Then watch this Aptis mock-exam video again.  Don’t just try to copy the sample answers – follow our tips and use your own ideas.  We think you’ll notice the difference!

This post will give you even more ideas:  Top tips to help you pass your Speaking Test.

And you can find all our practice tests and exercises in our Guide to the Posts.

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  1. By this sample questions,I’ve achieved vast knowledge about the aptis test marks distribution and syllabus.Thanks.

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