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Aptis Speaking Test 1 with Sample B1 Answers

Test 1 sample B1 answers

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 1 with Sample B1 Answers

This video follows on from the original Speaking Practice 1.  In this version we give you sample B1 answers read by a native speaker.  The answers include B1-level grammar, functions and vocabulary.

Remember to try on your own first with the mock-exam video Speaking Practice Test 1.  Then watch this video with sample B1 answers to give you some more ideas.  The script is included below.  We don’t want you to try to learn the entire script.  the idea is to use it to help you include common expressions and language that are appropriate to the level.

Finally, try the mock-exam video again, and we’re sure you’ll see the difference.  Remember that you need to practise, practise, practise to do well in the test, and this series of videos will help you get used to speaking within the time-limits. 

Sample B1 Answers: Script

We’ve underlined the most useful B1 grammar structures, lexis and expressions.  Remember you can find out more about B1 grammar & functions here: Use of Language.

Part One

  • Please tell me about your hobbies.

I’ve always loved reading, especially fantasy books, like the Lord of the Rings. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books too. I also play tennis in a local club every Wednesday and Saturday.  I’ve won several tournaments, and I’m playing in a match this weekend. I love all sports, and I think I’ll try basketball next year.

  • Please tell me about your last holiday.

It was great – we went to the coast for two weeks and stayed at the best hotel I’ve ever been to! We were very lucky because the weather was fantastic. I spent the day with my friends on the beach, swimming and playing beach volleyball, and in the evenings we went out to eat at local restaurants and then went for a walk along the coast.

  • Please tell me about your favourite actor.

I think Leonardo di Caprio is a brilliant actor, and he’s very good-looking too! He started acting when he was very young. I think he was about 10 years old.  He’s acted many different parts in very different films and he’s always good. I’ve seen Titanic four times – and I cry every time! But I didn’t understand ‘Inception’.


Part Two

  • Describe this picture.

This photo shows a classroom and I think the children are learning Spanish, because there’s a calendar on the wall with the days in English and Spanish. It’s probably a primary school, because the children are about four or five years old. They’re all sitting on the floor and listening to the teacher. There are lots of toys and books on shelves in the classroom. All the colours are very bright.

  • What is a typical schoolday for most students in your country?

Most students start school at about 9 o’clock. They do two or three classes, then it’s time for break, when they can have a snack or ‘second breakfast’. They do some more classes, and usually finish school at about 2.30. Some students have their lunch at school and others go home to eat. There are often sports or dance or other fun activities in the afternoons too.

  • How have schools changed since you were a child?

In my opinion teachers were stricter when I was at school. We never sat on the floor … we sat at desks and the classroom was more formal. Students have less homework now. And school subjects have changed too ­– now children learn about technology and often have  tablets or computers. There weren’t many computers at my school – we nearly always used books.


Part Three

  • Tell me what you see in these two pictures.

In the first photo you can see a market where you can buy lots of things – fruit and vegetables … there are melons, pears, tomatoes …, also clothes, shoes, hats … There’s a man selling fruit, and a mother with her child. I think it’s in Europe, because the price is in Euros. The second photo shows a shopping centre – you can see a lot of clothes shops, and there are people shopping …

  • Why do people choose to shop in each of these places?

I think people choose markets for food because the fruit and vegetables are fresh and often cheaper too. But supermarkets are easier and quicker. People go to shopping centres because they can buy everything there and parking is easy. There’s a better variety of shops, and more clothes to buy. And when the weather’s bad it’s better to be indoors.

  • Which place do you prefer to shop?  Why?

I prefer shopping malls because they’re good places to go with my friends – it’s not only the shops … you can also have a coffee or an ice-cream and hang out together. It’s easy too, because all the shops are there. And I think it’s safer than shopping in markets. But I don’t really like doing my shopping in very big supermarkets because there are always too many people waiting to pay.


Part Four

  • Tell me about a time when you had to wear something different or special.
  • How did you feel about it?

I had to wear a special dress when I went to my friend’s wedding, because I was one of the bridesmaids. The dress was long and green, and very beautiful. It was expensive too, and I had to pay for it! I felt strange because I usually wear jeans and T-shirts, so I didn’t feel very comfortable! But the wedding photos were good!

  • Do you think fashion has too much importance in our lives?

Sometimes I think fashion is too important in our lives … everyone wants to dress like famous people, and they spend a lot of money on clothes. People read fashion magazines and want to copy the models, but most of the clothes they advertise are too expensive for normal people. I think that can be a big problem for young people, because they don’t have much money. I like fashion, but I wear clothes because I like them and because they’re comfortable, not because they’re fashionable. In my opinion, that’s more important.

There’s also a version of this video at B2 level: Speaking Practice Test 1: Sample B2 Answers.  When you’ve finished watching Practice Test 1, go to Speaking Practice Test 2.

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