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Aptis Speaking Practice Test 7

Aptis General Test 7

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 7

Here’s another Aptis mock-exam speaking test for you to try on your own. Remember to use a variety of structures, vocab and expressions in your responses. Always try to speak for the full amount of time given. Later we’ll be publishing the supplementary version of this test to give you more ideas on how to expand your answers. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the focus of each part of the test and the corresponding time-limits:

Part 1. Give personal information: 30 seconds per answer (3 questions)

Part 2. Describe, express opinion and provide reasons and explanation: 45 seconds per answer (3 questions)

Part 3. Describe, compare and provide reasons and explanations: 45 seconds per answer (3 questions)

Part 4. Discuss personal experience and opinion on an abstract topic: Two minutes (3 questions) 

Before you watch

Here are the questions we’re going to ask you in each part of Test 7.  Read them and write down some brief ideas on how you could respond. 

Aptis mock-exam speaking test questions


Speaking Part One

Please tell me about your favourite animal.

What are you going to do next weekend?

Please tell me about your best friend.


Speaking Part Two

Describe this picture. The picture shows five children in fancy dress looking at their mobile phones.)

What type of games do children in your country play?

How have children’s games changed in the last fifty years?


Speaking Part Three

Tell me what you see in these two pictures. (One picture shows two firefighters carrying hosepipes and walking along the street, and the other shows a doctor giving a patient a vaccination.)

What kind of people choose these jobs?

Which would you prefer to do, and why?


Speaking Part Four

Tell me about a time when you learned something from an older person.

How did you feel about it?

Why do you think such relationships between generations are important?

While you watch

Whenever you watch an Aptis mock-exam speaking test like this one, pause the video and add to your notes. Don’t write a script – just brief notes to help you get started. If you memorise a script, it’s very obvious to any experienced examiner. We’ve seen it a lot, and it doesn’t help you get a good mark – quite the opposite, in fact. Candidates end up giving responses that don’t quite fit the question. The trick is to memorise short phrases and use them appropriately. Check out our 50+ Useful Phrases to help you pass your Aptis Test to give you some ideas.  As we’ve said before, typical themes and questions recur in these exams. So with enough practice, relevant expressions and phrases will come to you more naturally.

After watching this Aptis mock-exam speaking test

Make sure you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel and clicked on the bell for notifications. That way you’ll know as soon as we publish the supplementary version of this mock-exam video.

Meanwhile, check out the other Aptis Speaking Practice Tests.  The complete list is in our Guide to the posts, together with all the extra vocabulary and grammar exercises. 

And remember to do the Vocabulary and Grammar practice tests too.  These will help you prepare for the Aptis Core Test.

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