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Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 2

Teachers vocab test 2

Aptis for Teachers Vocabulary Practice Test 2

Here’s another Aptis for Teachers vocabulary test set within an educational context. Our tests are designed by teachers and for teachers. We’ve drawn on our own experience of the world of education in order to include typical themes and scenarios that you may come across. The format of our tests closely follows official exam format and we’ve set exam time-limits too.

As you should know by now, in the Aptis Core Test the questions are divided equally between grammar and vocabulary.  They set you 50 questions and give you 25 minutes to answer them. This means you have 25 questions to do in 12.5 minutes in the vocabulary component of the test.

That’s why we’ve set a time-limit on our tests of 750 seconds in total for the four parts, which allows a maximum of 30 seconds per question.  There are four question-types: word pairs, word definitions, word usage and word combinations.

So what does all that mean? Well, in order to demonstrate the different vocabulary points being tested, we’ve decided to cover each aspect in a separate mini-test. This should help you focus on what you need to do. We’ll explain each question-type in more detail before each mini-test, and give you an example too.

For advice and suggestions on how to prepare and practise for the Aptis for Teachers vocabulary component, go to Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 1.


Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 2

Before each mini-test we’ll give you a clear description and an example of each question-type.  And here’s some practical advice before you start:

  • Read all of the options carefully before choosing your answer
  • Don’t spend too long on any of the questions.  Remember, you can always come back and try it again later, both here and in the official exam.
  • Always answer the question – never leave it blank. 

Part 1:  Word Pairs

You’ll see a target word in the following format: ‘sign up = ‘.  You have to select the option that has the most similar meaning to that word; in this case, ‘enrol’. This time we’ve decided to focus on phrasal verbs commonly used in education.

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 2:1

Word Pairs

1 / 6

go over  =

2 / 6

hand out =

3 / 6

mix up =

4 / 6

hand in =

5 / 6

opt for =

6 / 6

catch on =

Your score is


Part 2:  Word Definitions

You’re given a definition this time.  You have to select a word to match to the definition.  For example, ‘to practise for the school show is to …’  ‘rehearse’.  These are all verbs you may use in the classroom or in planning.

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 2:2

Word Definitions

1 / 7

to sketch something or someone is to =

2 / 7

to speak very quietly is to =

3 / 7

to compare answers with someone is to =

4 / 7

to make something better is to =

5 / 7

to closely watch a student is to =

6 / 7

to make a project more efficient is to =

7 / 7

to give a mark to a piece of work is to =

Your score is


Part 3:  Word Usage

Here you have to select a word to complete each sentence correctly.  For example, ‘The college is offering [ presential / physical / face-to-face ] courses next term’.  The correct answer here is ‘face-to-face‘. This time we’re focusing on adjectives.

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 2:3

Word Usage

1 / 6

The principal’s a very …. person who always explains things clearly.

2 / 6

My head of department’s really … – she’s always telling everyone what to do.

3 / 6

The university is known for its … excellence.

4 / 6

The children make so much noise – they’re really …

5 / 6

I’m never late for class – I’m very …

6 / 6

It’s important to be … when discussing students with parents.

Your score is


Part 4:  Word Combinations

You have to combine words that are often used together; this is called collocation.  For example, we say ‘distance learning, ‘attend a lecture’  ‘poor grades’.

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 2:4

Word Combinations

1 / 6

coffee +

2 / 6

wax +

3 / 6

electrical +

4 / 6

private +

5 / 6

test +

6 / 6

times +

Your score is


What to do next

For further practice in Parts 1 and 4 of the test, go to Memory Games: Synonyms and Collocations.

In addition to Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 1, you can get extra practice by doing Aptis General Test 1 and Test 2.

Go to How to Learn New Vocabulary for lots of advice and suggestions about study techniques.

Our general vocabulary exercises are colour-coded green.

And you’ll find a description of and links to all our free exam materials in the Guide to the Posts.

And if you need more practice, we recommend the excellent English in Use series of books. This one’s the Intermediate edition, but there are other levels available too.

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