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Aptis Grammar Practice Test 2

Grammar test 2

Aptis Grammar Practice Test 2

The Aptis Grammar Test forms part of the Core Test, which is the part that deals with grammar and vocabulary.  

You can find a more detailed explanation of the test in Aptis Grammar Practice Test 1, but here’s a quick reminder. The Core Test takes 50 minutes, and it’s divided equally between grammar and vocabulary. The grammar component of the test contains 25 questions, which means you can take up to 30 seconds per question.  They’re always in a 3-option multiple-choice format.  Most of them focus on formal written English.  However, some focus on the appropriate use of grammar when speaking, including formal and informal language.

Our Aptis Grammar Tests

These follow the official exam format and timing in order to help you prepare and practise.  In the tests we cover a range of structures, but you’ll also find posts with mini-tests and other types of exercises that concentrate on particular grammar points.  Grammar posts are colour-coded blue.

If you make a mistake while you’re doing the test, reminders of the rules will pop up to explain where you went wrong.  When you finish the tests you can check through the answers and look at any mistakes you’ve made. We recommend that you note down any structures you have problems with. Then you can check our B1, B2 & C1 Grammar Reference to see if we’ve covered those points.  And if not, we always recommend Raymond Murphy’s excellent English Grammar in Use.

And of course, you can keep doing the test until you get them all right!  

Aptis Grammar Test 2

You have a maximum of 30 seconds per question, as in the official exam. If you take too long, the quiz will automatically finish.


Aptis Grammar Test 2

25 mixed written and spoken grammar questions

1 / 25

A: "Please can you speak ….? I'm trying to read." B: "Oh, sorry."

2 / 25

Rock and roll first became popular …. the fifties.

3 / 25

I wouldn't have come if …. that man was going to be here.

4 / 25

A: "Do you mind if I …. the window?" B. "No, that's fine."

5 / 25

The girl admitted …. the glass.

6 / 25

A: "Do you think I'm right?" B: "Yes, …. with you."

7 / 25

He's a bit unfriendly at times. …., I still like him.

8 / 25

A: "I don't want to go." B: "…."

9 / 25

She …. tomatoes since she was a child.

10 / 25

…. does that teacher usually give the class?

11 / 25

Let's meet ... Tuesday morning.

12 / 25

They went to the beach …. the rain.

13 / 25

I like the countryside, …. I don't want to live there.

14 / 25

Nicco is …. taller than me.

15 / 25

Berlin is …. Seville.

16 / 25

A: " You know him, ….?" B: "No, we've never met."

17 / 25

A: "Don't change the channel!" B: "Sorry – I didn't know you …. it."

18 / 25

This film isn't …. the original version

19 / 25

What time do you have …. lunch?

20 / 25

I like reading, but I prefer …. TV.

21 / 25

I'm busy, so …. you later.

22 / 25

Oranges ... from Spain.

23 / 25

What do you think …. this book?

24 / 25

Has that letter arrived ….?

25 / 25

What would you do if you …. a ghost?

Your score is


If you want more grammar practice, you’ll find a complete list of our grammar tests and exercises in the Guide to the Posts.

And remember to do Vocabulary Test 1 and Test 2 too, in order to continue your practice for the Core Test.

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