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Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Practice Test 2

Aptis for Teachers Grammar Test 2

Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Test 2

Here’s another Aptis for Teachers Grammar Test. As the Aptis Test for Teachers is set within an educational context, we’ve set you questions that deal with themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day. The idea is that you will be able to focus more on the language structures if they’re within a familiar context. 

Let’s start with a brief reminder of the format and timing of the exam. If you remember, the grammar component forms part of the Aptis Core Test, together with vocabulary.  

In the Core Test you have to do 50 questions in 25 minutes, equally divided between grammar and vocabulary. So that gives you 12.5 minutes for the 25 grammar questions. This means you can take up to 30 seconds per question.

There are two question-types – written and spoken grammar. Most of the questions focus on formal/semi-formal written English. A smaller percentage focus on the use of grammar when speaking, and these also include informal language.  If you want to read some examples of these two question-types, go to Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Practice Test 1.

Our Aptis for Teachers Grammar Tests

As the Core Test grammar questions are always in a three-option multiple-choice format, we’ve done exactly the same in our practice tests.  We’ve also kept to official exam timing, so that you can get used to how it feels.

Our practice tests include a wide range of structures so that you’ll know what to expect on exam day. However, we recommend that you also do our exercises and mini-tests on particular grammar points.  (They’re colour-coded blue, while the tests are colour-coded pink.)  These will help you prepare and practise for your exam in general.

To save you time searching, we’ve compiled all our practice tests in Aptis Core Test: Vocabulary and Grammar. Of course, it’s also a good idea to read the relevant posts, as these contain lots of advice and ideas. We suggest that you also do the Aptis General practice tests, as all practice is good practice! The same goes for vocabulary.

You’ll find some of the structures you may need to revise in our Grammar Reference section. If what you need isn’t included there, please let us know via the comment box or our contact page. We’re constantly adding to the site, and would be happy to take requests!  Meanwhile, we recommend Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use series.

And you can find out more about the grammar and functions you need to use at B1 and B2 in Use of Language.


Aptis for Teachers Grammar Practice Test 2.

If you make a mistake while doing the test, an explanation of where you went wrong pops up immediately.  You’ll also be able to re-read these explanations at the end of each test. We recommend that you take advantage of this to note down your typical errors and write the correct answers next to them.  This will help you to avoid making that same mistake in future.  

You have a maximum of 30 seconds per question, as in the official exam. If you take too long, the quiz will automatically finish.

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Test 2

25 mixed written and spoken grammar questions

1 / 25

A: Are you doing languages next year? B: No, I …. study physics and chemistry.

2 / 25

If you .... harder, you'll pass the exam with flying colours.

3 / 25

I spent hours …. my homework, but I only got a C+.

4 / 25

A: Where's Aida? B: She …. for her exams.

5 / 25

I'm so late! By the time I get to school, the lessons ….

6 / 25

I finshed my homework and .… I had my dinner.

7 / 25

I don't mind …. extra homework if it helps me pass the exam.

8 / 25

When I started secondary school I …. swim.

9 / 25

The principal .... to take the rest of the day off.

10 / 25

The students .… working in the laboratory before the fire alarm went off.

11 / 25

If you'd spent more time studying instead of playing computer games, you ... passed the exam.

12 / 25

She's got a PhD, ….?

13 / 25

She …. for five hours without a break, so she was ready to go out!

14 / 25

My daughter didn't work …. to pass the exam.

15 / 25

I …. walk to school when I was in infant school.

16 / 25

When I was in primary school the teacher …. always let me clean the blackboard.

17 / 25

We …. studied about Fibonacci numbers, as it wasn't in the exam!

18 / 25

Akram .... playground duty when one of the students had an accident.

19 / 25

A: I love working with young learners. B: So …. I.

20 / 25

I've been teaching at this school …. my professional career started.

21 / 25

There were …. than 25 people at the lecture.

22 / 25

When …. the end-of-term exam?

23 / 25

I wish I …. to retake my exams next term.

24 / 25

Vally …. late for class.

25 / 25

You …. to hand in your assignment by the end of the week.

Your score is


Make sure you’ve also tried Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Practice Test 1, and remember to test your vocabulary with Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 1.

You’ll find the links to all our free exam materials in the Guide to the Posts.

We’ve already got several Aptis for Teachers Speaking Practice videos on our YouTube channel, and we’ll be uploading more. So make sure you subscribe and click on notifications too – then you won’t miss any!

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