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Comparing Two Photos

Aptis Speaking: Comparing Two Photos

Comparing two photos is a typical B2-level task in many oral exams, including the Aptis General, Aptis for Teachers and Aptis Advanced tests. Here’s how to do this task well.

How to pronounce 'ed' endings

Pronunciation of ‘ed’ Endings

This is an area that causes many problems for students.  What’s the correct pronunciation of ‘ed’ endings on past forms of regular verbs (and on adjectives)? Is it /t/, /d/ or /ɪd/?

How to pronounce 's' endings

Pronunciation of ‘s’ Endings

Another area that causes many problems for students is how to pronounce ‘s’ endings on 3rd person present tense verbs, plural nouns & possessives. Is it /s/, /z/ or /ɪz/?

Speaking Test 9 Sample B2 answers

Aptis Speaking Test 9 with B2 Answers

In this version of Test 9 with B2 answers we’ve highlighted a mixture of grammatical structures, phrasal verbs, useful vocabulary and expressions.

Aptis General Speaking Test 9

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 9

Another Aptis Speaking exam video for you to practise with. You’ll find all the questions and some tips in the post, and the supplementary version with B2 answers is coming soon.

Aptis General Test 8 with sample B2 answers

Aptis Speaking Test 8 with B2 Answers

In this test with sample B2 responses we’ve highlighted useful vocab and expressions. In the next test with B2 answers we’ll focus on the grammatical structures.

Aptis Speaking Test 8

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 8

Here’s another Aptis mock-exam speaking test to try on your own. Remember to use a variety of structures, vocab and expressions in your responses and speak for the full time.

Test 7 with Sample B1 Answers

Aptis Speaking Test 7 with B1 Answers

This speaking test video has sample B1 answers to give you more ideas on how to use a variety of structures, vocabulary and expressions in your own responses.

Speaking Practice 6

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 6

In this mock-exam speaking practice test we look carefully at the questions asked in the exam. Then we consider how you can raise the level of your answers to B1/B2 level.

Aptis General Speaking Test 4 mock-exam video

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 4

The fourth in our series of mock-exam videos with exam-style pictures and timings, read by native speakers. Practising with these will help you prepare for your exam.

Test 3 with starter phrases

Aptis Speaking Test 3 with Starter Phrases

This additional version of Aptis Speaking Practice Test 3 includes sentence stems: useful starter phrases. These will help you get started in each part of the test.