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Aptis for Teachers: Speaking Practice Test 4

Aptis Speaking Test 4

Aptis for Teachers: Speaking Practice Test 4

Thanks to everybody who took part in our recent YouTube poll. Aptis for Teachers Speaking Tests received the most votes, so here’s our new Speaking Practice Test for teachers.

This is the mock-exam version, and the version with B2 answers will be out very soon too.

Before we give you the questions, let’s have another quick look at what you have to do in the test and how long you have to speak for.

In Part One you have to answer three questions and give personal information. You have 30 seconds per answer.

Part Two is a picture description. You have to describe what you see, then answer two more questions on the subject. You have 45 seconds per answer.

In Part Three you have to compare two pictures, then answer two more questions on the subject. You also have 45 seconds per answer in this part.

Part Four is the longest part. You have to discuss personal experience and give opinions. They ask you three questions and give you one minute to plan your answers and take notes. Then you have two minutes in total to cover all three questions.

Remember to try to use all the time available and answer as fully as possible throughout. In Part Four make sure you address each of the three aspects. Task fulfilment is important, as in all exams.

Here are the questions for this Aptis for Teachers Speaking Test.


Part One

What do you after you finish work?

Describe your classroom.

Tell me about your colleagues.


Part Two

Describe this picture.  (It shows six children sitting in a semi-circle in a colourful room which could be a theatre or a classroom. They’re reading.)

What type of books do children and young people in your country read?

How have reading habits changed since you were a child?


Part Three

Tell me what you see in these two pictures. (They both show children involved in games. The first shows a chess match, and the second a football match.)

Which after-school activities are popular in your country?

What are the benefits of after-school activities?


Speaking Part Four

Tell me about a time when you experienced a stressful situation with your students or colleagues.

How did you feel about it?

What are some of the ways you can deal with stress?

(Remember, do not describe the picture in this part; it’s only there to set the scene.)

Next steps

We’ll soon be posting the version of this Aptis for Teachers speaking test with sample B2 answers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and remember to click on the bell so you receive notifications whenever we publish a new video.

Meanwhile, make sure you’ve watched both versions of the the other Aptis for Teachers speaking tests. you’ll find them all in our Guide to the Posts.

And remember to check out all the other free exam practice materials for teachers too.

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