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Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 3

Aptis Advanced Speaking Test 3

Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 3

Here’s the mock-exam version of Aptis Advanced Speaking Test 3, so that you can get used to the exam format and practise giving timed answers. As always, we’ll soon be posting the version with our sample C1 answers.

The Advanced Speaking Test lasts ten minutes and is divided into three main parts, although part three also includes a supplementary follow-up question. Let’s quickly review the format:

Firstly, you have to describe and compare two pictures, and provide reasons and explanations.

In the second part you’ll be asked about your personal experience and opinion of an abstract topic.

Then in the third part of the test you have to give a short presentation on a given topic, based on the points given.

This is followed by a follow-up question related to the topic.

If you want more details and tips on answering the different question-types, go to this post: Aptis Advanced: Speaking Practice Test 1.

Always try to do these mock-exam tests within the time-limits given on the videos. This will give you an idea of how long you need to speak for, and help you to prepare for the official Speaking Test. Remember, you should always try to speak for the full time available.

Aptis Advanced: Speaking Test 3

Part One:  Describe, compare and provide reasons and explanations

In this part you have to compare two pictures, then answer two questions around a related theme. You will have 45 seconds for each response.

What do you see in the two pictures?  

A wet evening in a modern city-centre
Three girls drinking on a sunny beach

What type of weather do you prefer?

How do you think the weather influences people’s feelings?


Part Two:  Discuss personal experience and opinion in relation to an abstract topic

In this part, you’re asked three questions, which remain on the screen. You have one minute to think about your answers and two minutes to talk.

How important is it to stay fit and healthy?

What do people in your country do to stay fit?

How do you think schools can promote healthy lifestyles for young people? 


Part Three:  Presentation

In this part you have to speak on a topic for 90 seconds. The topic stays on the screen, together with two lists of points – for and against – related to the topic. You have to choose two items from each list and give a balanced argument to represent both sides of the topic. You have one minute to prepare your argument, and then you have one and a half minutes to speak.

Topic: We should work only a four-day week  


Better work/life balance

More cost-effective for employer and employee

Happier, less stressed staff


Longer working days to compensate

Might not suit parents with schoolchildren

Having to catch up during your ‘free’ time


Part Four:  Question related to your presentation

After you finish speaking on this main topic, you’ll be asked an additional question related to it.  You have to respond immediately; there’s no preparation time. You’ll have 45 seconds to speak.

Question: How do you think the working day will change in the future?

What is your response to this statement?

Next Steps

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Meanwhile, make sure you’ve read and watched both versions of Aptis Advanced Speaking Test 1 and 2 (the mock-exam versions and those with sample C1 Answers).You’ll find all of these and other advanced materials here.

And if you go to our Guide to the Posts you’ll find a great variety of Aptis practice materials, such as grammar and vocabulary exercises and mini-tests.

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