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Aptis Speaking Practice Test 2

Aptis General Speaking Test 2 mock-exam video

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 2

Here is the second Aptis mock-exam video.  As you know, you’ll need lots of timed practice if you want to do well on exam-day.  Watching this series of videos with their clear pictures and correct timings will definitely help you to improve your answers.

We recommend that you always try first with the mock-exam video version.  This is so that you can think about what you want to say and practise how long you have to speak for in each part.  After that, you can go on to the alternate versions of each video, which give you more guidance and ideas.  You’ll find different suggestions and advice in all the videos.

At first it can feel really strange speaking to a computer screen.  But the more you practise, the more ‘normal’ it will feel!  The first time you do it, pause the video whenever you like, to give you time to think.  Then try again without pausing.  This will help you to get a good feel of how long the different parts of the test are (30 seconds, 45 seconds, I minute, 2 minutes).

Here are the questions you’ll be asked in the video, so that you can start thinking about what you’re going to say.

Speaking Part One

30 seconds per answer.

  • Please tell me about where you live.
  • Please tell me about your last birthday.
  • Please tell me about your favourite school subject.


Speaking Part Two

45 seconds per answer.

  • Describe this picture. (The picture shows some poor-looking huts next to a river in a tropical area.)
  • What kind of housing do most people in your country live in?
  • How do you think housing will change in the future?


Speaking Part Three

45 seconds per answer.

  • Tell me what you see in these two pictures. (One picture shows people boarding a plane on the runway, and the other shows a crowded underground train.)
  • Why do people choose these two means of transport?
  • Which way would you prefer to travel? Why?


Speaking Part Four

One minute to think & take notes,two minutes to answer all three questions.

  • Tell me about a time when you were late because of traffic.
  • How did you feel about it?
  • What do you think governments should do to solve the traffic problem?


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The next step

After you’ve practised with the mock-exam video, watch the alternate version: Speaking Practice Test 2 with ideas & vocabulary.  This will give you many more ideas about things you can say in each part of the test.  It also includes lots of useful vocabulary for you to use in your answers.

You’ll find all the suggestions for ideas and vocabulary in writing there too.  So you’ll be able to look up any new words and try to learn them.  It’s a good idea to organise your notes into vocabulary, useful expressions and grammar sections.

We recommend you dedicate some time to listening to and copying the native speaker in the video.  Pause and repeat as often as you like – this will really help improve your pronunciation and intonation.

And to improve your speaking skills even more, practise your pronunciation of ‘ed’ endings and ‘s’ endings.

And you can find all our practice tests and exercises in our Guide to the Posts.

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