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Aptis Speaking Practice Test 3

Aptis General Speaking Test 3 mock-exam video

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 3

This is the third exam-style video for you to try on your own.  Doing these mock-exams is important, as they’ll give you the practice you need.  You’ll get more used to speaking to a computer screen, and also to keeping to the time-limits. 

As always, we recommend you try first with this exam-style video, so you can see how long you have to speak for in each part, and start getting some ideas of what you want to say.  It’s also important that you make the effort alone first, to see what language you’re going to need.  You can start thinking about what you need to practise in order to answer more fully.  We suggest keeping notes from each video you watch, so that you build up your vocabulary.  Keep a note of useful grammar structures too.

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to telling the truth!  It can be really difficult to think of something to say on certain subjects.  But you also need to remember that the examiner is checking your use of language, not how true your anecdotes are!  So feel free to invent your answers, or talk about something that happened to a friend.  You’ll find more ideas on that in Top tips for your Aptis test.

The more videos you watch, the more you’ll begin to notice the typical questions and themes that come up.  This will help you to predict what the examiner is going to expect from you on exam day.  And we hope that it’ll help you feel less nervous!

Now read the questions we’re going to ask you.  Make some notes about what you’re going to say before you watch the video.


The questions

Part 1

Please tell me about your best friend.

What do you like doing in winter?

Tell me about your favourite food or drink

Part 2

Describe this picture (it’s of a girl going ‘trick or treating’ at Halloween).

What kind of festivals are celebrated in your country?

Do you think that traditional festivals will still be celebrated in the future?  Why?  Why not?

Part 3

Tell me what you see in these two pictures (a small country village and a large city).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city?

Where would you prefer to live, and why?

Part 4

Tell me about a time when you had to do an exam.

How did you feel about it?

Do you think that young people have to do too many exams these days?

When you’re ready, watch this exam-style video.


What to do after watching the video

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The next step is to turn to the alternate version for extra help: Aptis Practice Test 3 with Starter Phrases.

This will give you more ideas on how to improve your answers.  Getting started is often the most difficult part of an exam, and using these starter phrases to begin your answers will give you time to think about what you’re going to say next.  We recommend you listen several times to the native speaker reading the starter phrases.  Repeat them, and try to copy the intonation.  There are even more ideas here, organised by category: 50+ Useful Phrases to help you pass your Aptis Test.  We think you’ll find them very useful for starting many types of answers in the speaking test.

Remember to try the other Aptis Speaking Practice Tests too.  You’ll find the complete list in our Guide to the posts, along with links to all the extra exercises you can do.

And make sure you also test your Vocabulary and Grammar.

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