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Aptis Speaking Practice Test 4

Aptis General Speaking Test 4 mock-exam video

Aptis Speaking Practice Test 4

This is the fourth mock-exam speaking practice video for you to try on your own.  These videos will give you the practice you need in keeping to the time-limits and in speaking to a computer screen. 

You’ll start getting used to how long you have to speak for in each part:

  • 30 seconds per answer in Part 1 (3 questions)
  • 45 seconds per answer in Part 2 (3 questions)
  • 45 seconds per answer in Part 3 (3 questions)
  • Two minutes in Part 4 (3 questions) 


We always recommend that you try on your own with the original mock-exam video first.  After you’ve practised with this, you can go on to the supplemetary video with all the extra help.

Before you watch

Here’s a brief summary of the topics in each part, so that you can start thinking about the language you’re going to need.

Part 1: We ask about places near your home, the weather & your holiday plans.

Part 2: You have to describe a picture of a cafeteria or school canteen.  We ask you about typical dishes in your country, and how people’s eating habits have changed in the last 50 years.

Part 3: The pictures show two groups of people communicating in different ways (face-to-face and via mobiles).  We ask which type of communication you prefer, and how new technologies have changed the relationships we have with each other.

Part 4: There’s a picture of a woman with a baby.  The picture in this part is only decorative – do not describe it.  It’s only there to set the scene.  You have to talk about a time when you had to look after someone, describe how you felt, and say what you think we can learn from such an experience.

As you watch

Consider what you need to practise in order to answer more fully.  We suggest keeping notes from each video you watch, so that you build up your vocabulary.  Keep a note of useful grammar structures too, so that you can check any problem areas in the Grammar Reference.

Writing down new vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures will help you memorise them.  And the more videos you watch, the more you’ll begin to notice the typical questions they ask you, and the typical themes that come up. 


After you watch this mock-exam speaking practice video

Go to the supplementary video: Aptis Speaking Practice Test 4: Advice and B2 Answers.

Remember to try the other Aptis Speaking Practice Tests too.  You’ll find the complete list in our Guide to the posts, along with links to all the extra exercises you can do to practise your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

And make sure you also try the Vocabulary and Grammar practice tests.

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