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Aptis for Teachers: Speaking Practice Test 3

Aptis for Teachers Test 3

Aptis for Teachers: Speaking Practice Test 3

This is the third Aptis for teachers mock-exam video.  Each video covers different themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day.  So the context should be very familiar to you.

As we explained before, you can also practise with the Aptis General videos, but they’ll only give you general practice.  The Aptis for Teachers series of videos will be more useful, as everything is education-based.  But all practice is good practice, especially to help you get used to the timing!  Here’s a reminder:

30 seconds per answer in Part 1 (3 questions).

45 seconds per answer in Part 2 (3 questions).

45 seconds per answer in Part 3 (3 questions).

Two minutes in total in Part 4 (covering 3 questions) 


Our advice

As always, we recommend that you try first with the mock-exam video version (such as this one).  This is so that you can think about what you want to say and practise how long you have to speak for in each part.  After that, you can go on to the alternate version of each video, which give you more guidance and ideas.  You’ll find a variety of model answers, suggestions and advice in the supplementary videos.

We also recommend that you dedicate some time to listening to and copying the native speaker in the video.  Pause and repeat as often as you like – this will really help improve your pronunciation and intonation.

Remember to try our pronunciation of ‘ed’ endings exercises too.

And if you want to improve your individual sounds (phonemes), we really recommend using the excellent OUP pronunciation chart.

As you watch

Consider what you need to practise in order to answer more fully.  We suggest keeping notes from each video you watch, so that you build up your vocabulary.  Keep a note of useful grammar structures too, so that you can check any problem areas in the Grammar Reference.

Writing down new vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures will help you memorise them.  And the more videos you watch, the more you’ll begin to notice the typical questions they ask you, and the typical themes that come up. 


Here are the questions in this Aptis for Teachers mock-exam video.

Speaking Part One

30 seconds per answer.

What do you like about your job?

What did you do in your last lesson?

Please tell me about a teacher you didn’t like when you were at school.


Speaking Part Two

45 seconds per answer.

Describe this picture.  (It shows five children dressed in period costumes, all looking at their mobile phones.)

What type of games do children in your country play?

How have children’s games changed in the last fifty years?


Speaking Part Three

45 seconds per answer.

Tell me what you see in these two pictures. (They show two classrooms, one full of students with a teacher at the front, and the other showing one student with the teacher sitting next to them and helping.)

What would it be like to be a teacher in these two classes?

How important is it to keep class sizes small?


Speaking Part Four

One minute to think & take notes,two minutes to answer all three questions. 

Do not describe the picture in this part; it’s only there to set the scene.

Tell me about a time when you observed or were observed by another teacher.

How did you feel about it?

How important is other colleagues’ advice?

After you’ve watched this mock-exam video

We’ll be posting an alternate version of this video with extra help very soon.

Meanwhile, make sure you’ve watched both Aptis for Teachers: Speaking Practice Test 1 and the supplementary version with advice and sample B2 answers.

And Aptis for Teachers Practice Test 2.

Practise your grammar with Aptis for Teachers: Grammar Practice Test 1.

And to practise your vocabulary, try Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 1.

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