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Aptis Advanced Grammar test

Aptis Advanced: Grammar Practice Test 1

Aptis Advanced: a C1-level grammar test. 25 questions in a three-option multiple-choice format, adhering to official exam timing. This time we’re concentrating on written grammar.

Aptis FAQs

Aptis ESOL FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Aptis FAQ: A look at questions our students often ask about English exams. We’ve answered them to the best of our ability, with info that’s up-to-date at time of writing.

How to pronounce 's' endings

Pronunciation of ‘s’ Endings

Another area that causes many problems for students is how to pronounce ‘s’ endings on 3rd person present tense verbs, plural nouns & possessives. Is it /s/, /z/ or /ɪz/?

Writing Overview

Aptis Writing Test: Overview & Tips

An overview of the writing component of the test, sample test questions and tips. There are four parts to the Aptis writing test, and all four are based around the same theme.

How to pronounce 'ed' endings

Pronunciation of ‘ed’ Endings

This is an area that causes many problems for students.  What’s the correct pronunciation of ‘ed’ endings on past forms of regular verbs (and on adjectives)? Is it /t/, /d/ or /ɪd/?

The language of agreeing & disagreeing

Grammar: Agreeing & Disagreeing

Spoken Grammar: Agreeing & Disagreeing. Part of the Aptis Core Test deals with the use of grammar when speaking, so practise and test this here.

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Free Exam Materials

What can you find on this site? Aptis Tutor provides high-quality free exam materials to help you prepare and practise for the Aptis ESOL Tests. 

Guide to the posts

Prepare for your Aptis ESOL Test

A guide to all the materials we provide to help you prepare for your Aptis General & Aptis for Teachers: mock-exam tests, grammar & vocabulary exercises & more.

Grammar Reference B1,B2,C1

B1, B2 & C1 Grammar Reference

This is where to come if you need to revise a grammar point or structure.  It will remind you of the rules and give you examples of what you need to know at levels B1, B2 & C1.

Aptis General Grammar Test 1

Aptis Grammar Practice Test 1

The Aptis Grammar Test explained. These grammar tests are very similar in format to the official exam, but in two ‘bite-sized’ parts. The timing is the same.

Aptis & the British Council

More about Aptis & the CEFR Levels

We explain more about the Aptis Tests & the Speaking Test format and give you more details about the CEFR, especially levels B1 & B2. Plus useful links to relevant official sites.