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Reading Overview for Aptis General

Aptis Reading Test: Overview & Tips

An overview of the reading component of the Aptis Test. We explain the question-types, include some example activities and give you our top tips for passing with a good mark.

Teachers Reading test Part 1

Aptis For Teachers: Reading Test Part 1

Aptis for Teachers Reading Test Part 1 is Sentence Comprehension. It’s a multiple-choice gap-fill exercise in the form of a very short informal text with 5 gaps, as in Aptis General.

Aptis for teachers Reading Part 2

Aptis for Teachers: Reading Test Part 2

Part 2 of the Aptis Reading Test is on text cohesion. You have to put six sentences in the correct order to form a very short text. We show you how to look for clues.

Teachers Reading Test Part 3

Aptis for Teachers: Reading Test Part 3

Aptis for Teachers Reading Test Part 3 tests your ability to read and understand short texts. You have to complete a
 text with seven missing words from a list.

Aptis Vocabulary and topics

Aptis Vocabulary and Topics

“What vocabulary and topics do I need for my Aptis test?” is a good question. The British Council gives no definitive list, but we can help you prepare.

How to learn new Vocabulary

How to Learn New Vocabulary

‘What’s the best way to learn new vocabulary?’ is a question we’re often asked. These tips and techniques are useful for any language learner. Get yourself into good habits!

Vocabulary mind maps

Vocabulary: Using Mind Maps

How can we remember new words? Making and using mind maps that visually represent information is a great way to memorise vocabulary. We show you how to do it in this video.

Aptis Vocabulary Health and Lifestyle

Aptis Vocabulary Practice: Health and Lifestyle

In this day and age, if you had to pick one topic that everyone’s talking about, it must surely be health and lifestyle. So these themed tests are on health and lifestyle, a common topic in many English exams.