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Aptis Grammar Practice Test 3

Grammar Test 3

Aptis Grammar Practice Test 3

The Aptis Core Test includes the grammar component. Our grammar tests follow the official exam format and timing. We also explain any wrong answers.

If you’re not familiar with the test format yet, we recommend you to read Aptis Grammar Practice Test 1. But here’s a brief summary of the Aptis Core Test, as a reminder. It takes 25 minutes, and it’s divided equally between grammar and vocabulary. The grammar component is in a multiple-choice format. There are 25 questions, with three options for each question.  Most of them look like formal written English, but some are in the format of a brief conversation.  These focus on the use of grammar in speaking, and include both formal and informal language.

Aptis Core Test Preparation and Practice

Core Test preparation

Studying grammar books and vocabulary lists is always a good way to prepare for a language exam. However, both John and I feel the best way is to immerse yourself in the language as much as you can. Speaking from experience, I’ve found this works much better. I studied French and German when I was at secondary school, and most of the teaching was very book-based. Although I learned enough to pass the exams, I never really felt confident in either language.

In contrast, I learned Spanish by choice, and my methods were very different. I did use a ‘Teach Yourself’ book at first, which helped to give me an overview of the grammar, but I learned lots more by listening to songs! I read the lyrics and noticed structures I didn’t understand, like the subjunctive (which we hardly use in English). Little by little, these structures started to sound and look normal to me. It’s also a great way to learn new vocabulary, of course. I did the same with simple texts and stories (more about this in Top Tips for Reading).

Watching TV helped too, even though at first I couldn’t understand much! A great way to start is by watching subtitled series or films that you’ve already seen in your own language. Then you know what’s going on, and can focus more on how the characters express themselves.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be able to travel in an English-speaking country, it’s even better. But if you can’t, you can still immerse yourself in the language through reading, listening and watching. It really is the best way!

Core Test practice

Our grammar and vocabulary tests are in official exam format and follow exam timing. They’ll really help you to feel ready for exam day. We’ve chosen to do the tests separately in order to help you focus on the different aspects. Grammar posts are colour-coded blue, and vocabulary posts are green. As well as the exam-style tests, you’ll find lots of different mini-tests and exercises for both grammar and vocabulary.

Reminders of the rules will pop up during the grammar tests to explain any mistakes you make.  As always, we recommend that you make a note of any structures you have problems with. Then check on those grammar points in the B1, B2 & C1 Grammar Reference. If we haven’t covered them yet, we recommend you to try Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use series.

So now it’s time to prepare for the Aptis Core Test by doing another practice exam.

Aptis Grammar Test 3

You have a maximum of 30 seconds per question, as in the official exam. If you take too long, the quiz will automatically finish.


Aptis Grammar Test 3

25 mixed written and spoken grammar questions

1 / 25

Rashid: Could I ... your bike tomorrow? Qamar: Sure, no problem.

2 / 25

That film really made me laugh – it's so …

3 / 25

Kim: What time does the film start? Bob: It starts … 10 minutes.

4 / 25

My passport was stolen … I was on holiday.

5 / 25

Vally: I can't stand cabbage! Mally: … can I!

6 / 25

Those photos were taken … my girlfriend – they're good, aren't they?

7 / 25

Sorry, I have to leave – I have to be home … 10 o’clock

8 / 25

You’ve been to Italy before, …

9 / 25

John: How did you get here? Manu: … car.

10 / 25

My favourite sport is … snooker.

11 / 25

We’re having a party … Sunday evening. Can you come?

12 / 25

What did you ... do in your last job?

13 / 25

We’ve been friends for years – I … him since I first moved to Brighton.

14 / 25

You’ll put on weight if you don’t stop … snacks.

15 / 25

I wish I … home earlier last night – I’m really tired today.

16 / 25

My mum didn’t … me have a bike when I was little.

17 / 25

If he’d wanted help, he … asked.

18 / 25

Have you got …. information about what’s on this weekend?

19 / 25

I wish I … to talk to you, but I have to work

20 / 25

If ... me they’d split up, I wouldn’t have asked about her partner.

21 / 25

She loves listening to … music while she studies.

22 / 25

You … show photo ID if you want to go in.

23 / 25

He ... he had lost his bus-pass.

24 / 25

Tashkent looks like an interesting city, …

25 / 25

You … carry all your money in one bag – it's too risky.

Your score is


You’ll find a complete list of all our grammar tests and exercises in the Guide to the Posts.

And in order to continue your practice for the Aptis Core Test, do Vocabulary Test 1 and Test 2 too.

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      The green tick means your answer is correct, the red cross indicates your answer is incorrect – and then you get an mini-explanation of the correct answer at the bottom of each question!

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