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Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 3

Teachers Vocabulary Test 3

Aptis for Teachers Vocabulary Practice Test 3

Here’s another free Aptis for Teachers vocabulary test designed especially for teachers. It includes typical themes and scenarios that you may come across in your teaching life. Our tests closely follow official exam format, and we’ve set exam time-limits too.

Remember, the Aptis Core Test consists of the vocabulary and grammar components.  You have to answer 50 questions in 25 minutes in total, equally divided between the two linguistic areas. So you have 25 questions to do in 12.5 minutes in the vocabulary component of the test. This means you can take up to 30 seconds per question. If you take too long doing the tests, they’ll automatically finish and you’ll have to start again.

There are four question-types: word pairs, word definitions, word usage and word combinations. Before each mini-test we’ll give you a clear description and an example of each question-type. 

For a more detailed description go to Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Practice Test 1.

Remember to keep these points in mind while you’re doing the tests:

  • Read all of the options carefully before choosing your answer. Some of them may be quite similar.
  • Don’t spend too long on any of the questions.  Remember, you can always come back and try it again later, both here and in the official exam.
  • Always answer the question. Never leave it blank


Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 3

Part 1:  Word Pairs

You’ll see a target word in the following format: ‘sign up = ‘.  You have to select the option that has the most similar meaning to that word; in this case, ‘enrol’.

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 3:1

Word Pairs

1 / 6

fee =

2 / 6

student =

3 / 6

college =

4 / 6

colleague =

5 / 6

exercise =

6 / 6

composition =

Your score is


Part 2:  Word Definitions

You’re given a definition this time.  You have to select a word to match to the definition.  For example, ‘to practise for the school show is to …’  ‘rehearse’. 

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 3:2

Word Definitions

1 / 6

a student who causes disorder in class is

2 / 6

a meeting where you receive instructions is a/an

3 / 6

keeping a student after school hours as a punishment is a/an

4 / 6

a/an … is one of the departments of a university

5 / 6

money awarded for study costs is a/an

6 / 6

to grade is to

Your score is


Part 3:  Word Usage

Here you have to select a word to complete each sentence correctly.  For example, ‘The college is offering [ presential / physical / face-to-face ] courses next term’.  The correct answer here is ‘face-to-face‘.

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 3:3

Word Usage

1 / 6

To pass the exam you need a/an … mark of 60.

2 / 6

Three students were … yesterday.

3 / 6

It's important to take the … every day.

4 / 6

She's doing a/an … in child psychology.

5 / 6

I felt nervous when the principal came to … my class.

6 / 6

Some teachers never … top marks.

Your score is


Part 4:  Word Combinations

You have to combine words that are often used together; this is called collocation.  For example, we say ‘distance learning, ‘attend a lecture’  ‘poor grades’.

Aptis for Teachers

Aptis for Teachers: Vocabulary Test 3:4

Word Combinations

1 / 7

academic +

2 / 7

lesson +

3 / 7

classroom +

4 / 7

pencil +

5 / 7

science +

6 / 7

lunch +

7 / 7

pass +

Your score is


What to do next

Make sure you’ve tried Teachers Vocabulary Test 1 and Teachers Vocabulary Test 2.

Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find a video on How to Learn New Vocabulary, as well as loads of Speaking Tests. The Aptis General tests will be good practice for you too.

You’ll find a description of and links to all our free exam materials in the Guide to the Posts.

And if you need more practice, we recommend the excellent English in Use series of books.

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  1. Hello sir.
    I am working as English teacher to a foreign country and i see those aptitude test help me as well done and at the same time deserve a grammy award so i would like to share my contact email with you in order to send me some new notification about this programm. Please

    1. Hi Jean Alain, Thank you for your encouraging comments! Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel:
      If you click on the bell for notifications, you’ll receive an email whenever we upload a new video. To find out about new posts on our website, follow us on Facebook. And we usually update the home page of every week with new posts and info, so remember to check in!

  2. Super useful is your site, believe me or not. The only thing I’m regretting is that why I couldn’t find your channel earlier. In 2 weeks is coming my exam and I’ll do my best practising in your site. Wish me good luck. Thanks an ocean, dear

    1. Hi Fotima – we’ve just left you a comment on YouTube too! Thanks a lot for your kind words, we always appreciate it when someone takes the time to write. Feel free to share the site with anyone who you think will benefit. You’ve still got two weeks which still gives you plenty of time to study! We’ll be uploading more Aptis for Teachers this week, so keep your eyes peeled. All the best John and Chris 😃

  3. Thanks for your great job. This site and your You tube channel help me a lot to prepare for my exam! A great number of useful information and your warm attitude is priceless!

  4. I love your tests and find them really beneficial to all teachers in Uzbekistan. As Aptis exam is gaining popularity in our country. Although I tried really hard I failed my exam last week . I am taking Aptis exam again in 2 days, wish me luck.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Dilfuza, Ah, this is good news and bad news … we’re really happy to hear our tests are helping you with your studies, but we’re sorry to hear you didn’t pass last week. Just remember that we all have off-days sometimes, and try to relax and do your best in your next test. We’re just at this moment recording a new Aptis for Teachers Writing Test, so we hope that will help! It should be live in a couple of hours or so. We wish you the very, very best of luck with your next try, Chris & John 😘👍🏻❤️

    2. Hi guys.
      Dilfuza GOOD LUCK.

      My exam is also tomorrow😟
      I am a bit nervous.

      At first I thought it was easy one.
      But then I found It was difficult enough.

      1. Good luck as well Nadira – remember to let us know how it went! If you’ve watched our Aptis for Teachers videos, you’ll have lots of education vocabulary! For the writing, here is our advice (when we get time we’ll make this into a video)

        Follow instructions and answer the questions. Read them carefully. e.g. If the question asks ‘Why?’ – then remember to give a reason!

        Keep to the word count. If you fail to do this then you’ll lose marks.

        Be as accurate as you can (try not to make mistakes)

        Use a variety of grammar and sentence structures. Show the examiner what you know!

        Use the proper punctuation, paragraphs and capitalize when necessary.

        For informal emails use contractions, informal language and phrasal verbs and try to sound friendly. Avoid the use of SMS spellings.

        For the formal email – try to sound ‘formal’. Use the proper conventions eg. Start with ‘Dear + name’ – finish with ‘Yours sincerely + your name’ and ‘Dear + without name just job title’ – finish with ‘Yours faithfully + your name’ Paragraphs, have an introduction (reason for writing) middle (body of letter) and conclusion/finish off letter.

        All the best John and Chris 😀 👍 👍

  5. HI John and Chris thanks a lot for your challenging work. I am using your website and Youtube chanel for preparing my exam. There are a number of datas for achieveng our goals. Do your best and never give up.

  6. Will you give some recommendations on writing and speaking, please? I have some problems here. I can understand the task, but I don’t know what to write and speak.

    1. Hi again, Lazizjon! You said in your previous comment that you’re using our website and YouTube channel, so haven’t you seen and read all our advice in the posts and videos on writing:
      and speaking?
      The video links are in the posts. And make sure you study our 50+ useful starter phrases:
      and read our top tips:
      Good luck with everything! 🤞🏻👍🏻😘

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