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Aptis For Teachers: Reading Test Part 1

Teachers Reading test Part 1

Aptis for Teachers Reading Test Part 1: Sentence Comprehension

Reading Test Part 1 is the same as for Teachers as the Aptis General, except for the content matter. This will be set in an educational context. It’s a multiple-choice gap-fill exercise in the form of a very short informal email, note or letter. As you know by now, each component of the Aptis Test gets more difficult as it progresses. This means the first task is always the easiest.

The texts contain six sentences with gaps in, and the first gap is filled for you as an example. You have to choose the correct word from a drop-down menu with three options in order to fill the remaining five gaps.

Our tests in work in exactly the same way as the official Aptis exam. This will provide you with exam-style practice and help you get used to the format. The only difference is that we’ve included pop-up explanations if you make a mistake – obviously you don’t get that in the exam!  You only have to do one sentence comprehension task in Reading Test Part 1, but we’ve got two for you to do here. 


Advice on how to approach the sentence comprehension task

First read the entire text before you look at any of the options.  This will give you a general understanding on text-level, although in fact you’re only being tested on sentence-level.

Then try to predict the answers. Think about the part of speech that you need – is it a verb, a noun, an adjective …? If you already have an idea in your mind, you’ll find it easier to choose the correct option.

Try not to take too long to make your choice, as the recommended timing for this task is only three minutes. When you’ve finished, always read the whole text again and see if your answers sound right. You can always change them if you think you’ve made a mistake.


Reading Test Part 1:  Instructions

All you have to do is click on the drop-down menu and choose the correct option. In our practice tests we’ve given you only one option for the first gap (in the exam it’s already filled in). So that leaves you five gaps to fill.

Reading Test Part 1: Sentence Comprehension 1 

Reading Test Part 1: Sentence Comprehension 2

Next steps

For more advice on what to do before and during the Reading Test, go to Top tips to Help You Pass the Aptis Reading Test.

We recommend you to also do Reading Test Part 1 for Aptis General – all practice is good practice!

Now go on to our exam-style practice tests for Reading Part Two: Text Cohesion, Part Three: Short Text Comprehension and Part Four: Long Text Comprehension.

Again, why not try the Aptis General Readings too?  You’ll find them all in the Guide.

6 thoughts on “Aptis For Teachers: Reading Test Part 1”

  1. Maftuna Karshibaeva

    Dear teachers. I’m so happy that you are giving the most important informations about APTIS exam. watching your videos it is very easy to catch up. But I have some difficulties on reading part. So, could you send me more exercises which belong to reading part.

    1. Hi Maftuna – we’re so happy that you find the site useful. We don’t have any more reading activities, as you can imagine they take a long time to produce. So when we get some time, we’ll add some more. All the best John and Chris

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