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Aptis Advanced Reading Test Part 1: Opinion Matching

Aptis Advanced Reading Part 1

Aptis Advanced Reading Part 1: Opinion Matching

The Aptis Advanced Reading Test takes 60 minutes to do and is divided into four parts:

  1. Opinion Matching
  2. Long Text Comprehension
  3. Reading for Global Understanding
  4. Reading across Two Texts

In this post we’re looking at the first part: Opinion Matching. This task may be familiar to you if you’ve already done Aptis General, in which it forms the third part of the reading test. [As with all components of each of the Aptis tests, the tasks get more difficult as you progress through the test. So whereas the beginning level in Aptis General is A1, in Advanced the first task is pitched at level B1.] To find out more about Parts 2-4, click here for an overview of the Advanced Reading Test.

Part One of the test looks at your ability to read and understand short texts. First you will read four people’s opinions on the same topic, then seven statements. Your task is to decide which person’s opinion matches each statement. For each statement there’s a drop-down list, and you complete this task by selecting the correct person from that list. The same person can be used for more than one answer.

How to approach Opinion Matching

Make sure you read all four opinions before trying to answer any of the questions. Our advice is to quickly read through the texts in order to get a general idea, then to read the questions carefully. Now read the texts again, this time keeping the questions in mind.

Don’t jump to conclusions! The questions may well contain the same words as one of the opinions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the correct answer. They’re more likely to contain synonyms than the exact same words in the text. As with any exam, read everything again once you’ve finished. And remember you can always go back and change your answers.

Finally, never leave anything blank. Guess if you’re not sure – there’s always a one in four chance of getting the correct answer!

Aptis Advanced Reading Part 1: Opinion Matching

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