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Mixed Conditionals

Advanced Grammar: Mixed Conditionals

Advanced Grammar: Mixed Conditionals Let’s begin with what we know: the zero conditional is used to talk about universal truths, the first for likely present

Advanced Grammar: complex passives

Advanced Grammar: Complex Passives

At C1 level you need to know more than the basic passive in all the tenses, so it’s time to look at some more complex passive forms. Recognising and being able to use these forms will help you do well in your Advanced Aptis test, particularly in the writing tasks.

Exam practice tests for Aptis Advanced

Aptis ESOL Advanced

Aptis ESOL Advanced Exam Practice Tests Our Posts page Exam Practice & Tips contains ALL our materials. But to help you find what you need

Advanced Reading Test Overview

Advanced Reading Test: Overview

An overview of the reading component of the Aptis Test. We explain the question-types, include some example activities and give you our top tips for passing with a good mark.

Advanced writing test 2 with C1 answers

Aptis Advanced: Writing Test 2

In this new Advanced Writing with C1 answers video John talks you through each part of the test, gives advice and highlights useful language.

Advanced Writing Test 1

Aptis Advanced: Writing Test 1

John talks you through each part of the Aptis Advanced Writing Test, highlights useful language in the C1 sample answers and gives you advice.

Advanced Vocabulary Test 1

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Practice Test 1

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test consists of 25 questions testing four aspects of vocabulary: word pairs, definitions, usage & combinations. Our tests follow the official format.