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Advanced writing test 2 with C1 answers

Aptis Advanced: Writing Test 2

In this new Advanced Writing with C1 answers video John talks you through each part of the test, gives advice and highlights useful language.

Advanced Writing Test 1

Aptis Advanced: Writing Test 1

John talks you through each part of the Aptis Advanced Writing Test, highlights useful language in the C1 sample answers and gives you advice.

Advanced Vocabulary Test 1

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Practice Test 1

Aptis Advanced Vocabulary Test consists of 25 questions testing four aspects of vocabulary: word pairs, definitions, usage & combinations. Our tests follow the official format.

Aptis Advanced Grammar test

Aptis Advanced: Grammar Practice Test 1

Aptis Advanced: a C1-level grammar test. 25 questions in a three-option multiple-choice format, adhering to official exam timing. This time we’re concentrating on written grammar.

Comparing Two Photos

Aptis Speaking: Comparing Two Photos

Comparing two photos is a typical B2-level task in many oral exams, including the Aptis General, Aptis for Teachers and Aptis Advanced tests. Here’s how to do this task well.

Teachers Writing 3 with B2 answers

Aptis for Teachers: Writing Test 3

In this Aptis for Teachers Writing Test with sample B2 answers we explain the test format and advise you on how to raise your responses to a good B2 level.